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8 thoughts on “TBLPOD9may2013

  1. Almost everybody would agree that abortion rates in Georgia are too high, be they secular humanists or devout Orthodox Christians. Views will vary on how to address this. Every Orthodox bishop in the world has the same position on abortion, that it equates to infanticide and is unacceptable. It is entirely normal and legitimate for any Orthodox bishop to refer to this in a homily and discuss whether criminalisation of abortion is appropriate. This is a normal part of open discussion of sensitive issues in civil society. Others may disagree vigourously, and their right to discuss their objections publicly is likewise entirely legitimate in an open society. Suggesting that bishops should bite their tongue and confine their homilies to bland and uncontroversial issues is an unfortunately illiberal position.

  2. I think Simon makes a good point about the Patriarch’s statement, I was trying to say that it is a first that the church has taken on the abortion issue in such a head on way (and, I predict, nothing will come of it–wich is all for the good in terms of reproductive rights).

    However, Stalinist cells or not, the fact that the IMELI building is a difficult site to develop (not least because the metro runs underneath, btw) is no reason not to save a valuable historical and architectural monument.

  3. You know, Mr. Mullen, I don’t know how, you know, how you allow, you know, that visiting creep, to, you know, interupt, you know, all the time. maybe, you know, he could , have, you know, his own podcast, where, you know, no one, you know would listen

  4. I was so gob-smacked at what I heard the guys talk about in this pod (the patriarch and his suggestion that abortion should be banned except in certain circumstances ) I based my whole blog this week on the issue.

  5. I’m an Iranian documentary filmmaker and journalist who will start a hitchhiking journey to Russia next month. I’ve traveled about a year in my country and made lots of films and articles. (2 articles about Iranian Georgian, 1 documentary about them after living in Fereydunshahr and its suburbs for 2 months)

    I’ve planned to have a presentation about Iran in Tbilisi and also share my unique collection of Iranian books, musics and films with those who are interested.
    Please let me know where is suitable for this event and would you like the idea and will you join or not?
    The ideal would be a place with Video Projection, cause my presentation will based on a power point file, but maybe a cafe would be enough too.

    Thanks for your time

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