Another Chatayev Gang arrest, GoG sent all extradition of Misha stuff to Kiev, PM etc in Davos, Kobakhidze in Ukraine and Uzbekistan, Javelin’s arrive, NDI poll says people want women quotas in parliament, Chechen Ossetian militiaman shot, Abkhazia wants Georgian prisoner angry about Lukava release, Human Rights Watch talks about Georgia problem with Azerbaijan regime, Kakhala gets eight years for possession, brick jail term, stabber gets off, Armenian MP turned away, railway strike and explosion, taxi licenses, Magti price increase, trade up, Abkhaz concert, Sundance award, UK rugby likes babies with beards, Azeris leave Georgia, White Noise, Nikoloz the Khingali eater, big kvevris


More Chatayev info, Lomjaria in Pankisi, Mukhtarli sentences to six years, USAID violence risk assessment, NATO package chat, Georgian volunteers in Ukraine update, Congress talks Kremlin propaganda in Georgia, Kobakhidze in Latvia, Marvel vetoes horrible public broadcaster amendments, Labor min can inspect employers, Habanot Urbani construction protests, bride napping in Bolnisi, NDI survey results, 1346 asylum cases rejected, GYLA says Russia responsible for Abkhazia therefore death of Otkhozoria, Russian president vote in Abkhazia and SO, Srpska fallout, Only Crimea less free than South Ossetia, Davit Gareja and Chiatura cable cars in danger


Misha guilty for Girvliani murder pardon, more Isani, Pankisi angry, Isani suspect dies, Khajimba prisoner swap angers Abkhaz, Rand anti Javelin, Patriarch comes around to weed, Anna Dolidze to High Council of Justice, Natsvlishvili parliamentary sec, Eurobet job arrest, Batumi riot sentences, Shalva Ramishvili pays for harassment, Bibilov in Srpska, Abkhaz fish way down, Turkish petrol tourists, wine export up, winds, Larsi road shut, US State Dept says Georgia safe, Georgia up in Passport Index, Tamar Mepe in Civilizations game, Tbilisi is Holywood hipster hotspot says CNN


Pankisi followup operation post Isani, Georgia skipped Trump Israel Embassy vote in UN, EU Commission report on visa lib in Georgia, EU 140mil lari, Serzh visits, Geo Azerbaijan celebrate 25th with Ganja, Queen sent Ilia letter, Russell helps Big Tobacco, New Years addresses, cabinet confirmed, priorities are ed, infrastructure, economy, governance, reserves program, terrible public broadcaster law passed, new Otsneba factions via PM Utsnobi battle, pardons, Poet Ratiani harassed, Rooms hotel fire, blue bus, Santas, Gori housing protest, winter heating allowance, Khajimba wants to amend constitution like his boss, shuki goes up a tetri, foreign land ownership, Anaklia port construction starts, mandarins, Bentleys