Zurabashvili wins, Misha cranky wants people on streets, everybody else excepts results, TI finds problems but not decisive, Tsulukiani says TI lied hopes to punish whistle blower, Omegas Okuashvili says they tried to pay him off to shut up, attacks on UNM activists, Misha said he only wants Lazika, Alliance of Patriots hold protests Georgia then head to Kremlin, South Ossetians close occupation line, CEC adds voters, photojournalists imprisoned in 2011 innocent which everybody knew, Gudauri snow, parking lot cave in, women in lit, Khidasheli, US visa fixers, Katyn


Bidzina pays off voters with debt relief, Public Service prints extra IDs for multiple voting, ISFED ID’s voter intimidation, Vashadze campaigning Zurabashvili less so, billboards and Misha’s anti-Semitism, PM with EU big shots, Dep NATO sec says door open yippee, Tsulukiani brings up possibility of prosecution by ICC for 2008, Putin meets Khajimba in Sochi, Chataev info, Georgia Muslim leader abducted by Azeri Government, Lugar Lab is fine says international body, new school focus, Vazha in Japanese, Georgian food in Lausanne, new de Waal, Misha BS, surviving supras, Batsashvili


Morchadze convicted let off, Christmas trees v tents, Bolton, Hill, and Iran Sanctions Crew visit, Vote 28th a Wednesday ehem, Zurabashvili back after break, threats, ex officers ticked at Zurabashvili, others tell them to pipe down, Bakhtade promises pay offs, Kobakhidze talks dirty, Javakheti attacks on UNM via Mkoyan, budget talks, Make Life Difficult for ExPats Bill hearing delayed, Senior Brit shows up, EU Parliament assessment, CoE says stuff re Local Gov, Norway embassy in Tbilisi this coming year, Zalkaliani in Nordica, Gali printer ink cartridge ran out, no Gali campaigning, TI 11 things, Chechen with RFE/RA not allowed in, foreign trade up 20 points, Delhi and Paris flights, billboards, Pacific standard on Syrians in Sokhumi, Al Jazeera Varshalomidze on history, Guardian on Misha’s taste in buildings


Partskhaladze is super corrupt and Otsneba is in a rush to show they care before the run off, same with Zugdidi corruption arrests, Otsneba tries to make it difficult for ExPats, cui bono? Otsneba trying not to talk about their candidate, BI says mistakes were made, endorsements, Akhalkalaki incident investigation, Whacko confused with Misha in Ninotsminda,  Zurabashvili gets the campaign cash prize, 11th anniversary of crackdown, Misha more xenophobia, judiciary weed wrangling by church and Otsneba, PM in China, new ambos, South Ossetians put up new fence celebrate Komsomol, Batumi defense conference, Devdariani harassed, Lari drop, tusks plucked, new food truck on Peninsula, Girchi milk or cheese, destroying Armenian churches, hydro fight, Svaneti tourism, Book Days, Oxford talks, Artisterium


Close election! Bakradze concedes! Runoff this month, Rustavi 2 called closest, Otsneba least accurate prediction! Akalkalaki activists attacked UNM members, child murder, Data Akhalaia new charge, Zaza Saralidze jailed for attacking cop, new audio with Misha and NYC uncle, Bidzina v Gigauri, Igor Giorgadze is still alive, Bolton appears to try to make Trump’s anti-Iran fetish Georgia’s problem, Georgia passes USA in ease of doing biz, spasiba air traffic controller, Pew says Georgians worry about evil eye, too many registered voters, taxi price strategy, orange wine