Gori jury convicts Smith murderer, Vashadze UNM chair, Sandra will run in Zugdidi, social worker strike, amendments for Otsneba to control courts pass, Gotsiridze summons PM re crime stats, Sesiashvili tries to end Girchi draft dodge Religion exemption, knuckle draggers go after Rights of the Child, sex offenders law, Beselia back on Legal Committee, Pres on TV says BI chats non-political, EU says no border crossing by Russia, Bibilov calls elections, Red Cross identifies bodies from Abkhaz war, Russian troops in Abkhazia up 30% this year, Abkhaz fix prapiska price, Stoltenberg visits Georgia, Trade chief too, Zalkaliani visits Argentina and Uruguay, Nowruz, conscripts beaten, UK extradition, Georgian Indian fight, Batumi hospital concerns, Lentekhi concerns about dam, taxis protest regulation, Iranian Georgian profile


Gali Georgian suicide under Russian detention in Abkhazia, Illegal Uranium sale in Ajara, Misha leaves as UNM chair, another Otsneba MP leaves party, PM BSes about TBC, no parliamentary investigation about Gakharia threats to Khazaradze, exNBG Katagidze questioned, Broers with Conciliation Resources, New Zealand Mosque murderer has Georgian kings names written on gun, Pressure in Lithuania and Armenia, PM said embassies in Vietnam and UAE, PM in Japan, Vanuatu FM visit, Russia no longer EU strategic partner, Beselia judge plan, stupid protesters re kid stuff, school investigation political says GYLA, Osset crossings open, two Birkiani ISIS guys killed, border abductions in Ossetia, CoE singled out State Agency for Religious Issues, US State Human Rights Report, grants to Abkhaz and Ossets, Bagrationi court case, Lil Wayne jacket, GeoFresh, TI TBC Anaklia timeline, Gery Shalon


Khazaradze spills all and yes Otsneba is doing what the Kremlin tells it to do re Anaklia with taking over TBC just a bonus, Gakharia letter, Subeliani gets his 13 month deal, Gharibashvili is back, European Georgia looses minority status, Pres Z first state of nation, Geo French cooperation arrests of mobsters, FM in Bucharest, ODIHR has election tips, dying trees.


Osneba’s (Kremlin requested) war on Anaklia via TBC, Abkhaz shuki shortage, Beselia and crew leave Otsneba, Hong Kong free trade agreement, Pres Z in France Germany Baku, FM in Warsaw and Geneva, Izoria to Yerevan, EuroJust agreement, pension policy train wreck, Pres Z ticked re NSC, Parl ethics code draft, Saakashvili-Bokeria Repressive Regime says Kremlin stooges Alliance of Patriots, Georgians in AZ, pres staff cuts, Targamadze 2016 car bomb conviction, Guria teacher award, Queer Pride plan, Khevi road section scrapped Juta-Roshka still on, Tbilisi food trucks plan, Batumi development protests, spring Raptor Count