KazTransGaz guys arrested, Speedboat Killer arrested, new Supreme Court method in the works, nominees resign, NATO drills, Zurabashvili to Brussels, Bakhtadze to Vilnius, PACE report, Magnitsky and beyond, Security Service reshuffle, Foreign Minister pro Ukraine church independence, Khunjua head of prosecutor overseer, 18 swine flu deaths, foreign trade up, EC on transport infrastructure, personal debt eliminated, Enguri still closed, Russian soldiers die in car crash, Roki closed due to snow, easier Geo citizenship for Ossets and Abkhaz, Armed Lullaby in Berlin, khajapuri, new de Waal report, Georgia Bitcoin mining fetish in NYT, Indian med students


Otsneba buys anti-Gigauri Facebook adds, Supreme Court appointment formula rift, Beselia mad, BI said rift but no rift, Swine Flue, Abkhaz and Ossets close ABL, gas explosion in Didi Dighomi, Good that Ukraine Church split off? Patriarch and Otsneba get ready to limit freedom of speech, Armenian PM in Bolnisi, Indian Free Trade maybe, Venezuela trip by sovereign weirdos, Gov tries to bully TBC brass over 2008 liquidity $, mandatory pension enrollment case, Abkhaz shut down bitcoin mines, FB takes down Sputnik pages, Batumi not psyched about chemical depot, Zangi beer, grapes on Mars


Supreme Court nominee list bumms everybody out, Beselia most bummed leaves committee, Murusidze gets life appellate court appointment yikes, prosecutor looks at election crimes that Rustavi 2 broke, CEC chair reappointed, women not excited at new press parl sec, Shoria of Zugdidi charged, Kirkitadze charged and they won’t let him out, new NSC set up, interior min reports to parliament, nationalist goons want to ban burkas, Akhalgori chief fired, Iranians being turned around at the border, EU annoyed with Georgian asylum seekers, Gonio bridge no ADB impact report, Enguri crossing record, 40% of Georgians borrow to pay gas or shuki bill, OC rightly says savings based pension plan is stupid, Bitcoin tomato genius, Enguri zip line