Shavadze detained re ISIS, Ed Min closes Black Sea U, Otsneba pres candidate anxiety, but doesn’t want Margvel to appoint Supreme Court Chair, Kobauri sane, UNM says CEC is corrupt, Zurabashvili campaigns, launches at great grandad writers house, new governors appointed, new police chiefs, deputy head of state security out, Merkel in town, Gov of Iran miffed re vail mistreatment, Euro Court complaint re Tatunashvili, new Russian surveillance post in S Ossetia, catalogue of property in S Ossetia and Abkhazia, Tskhinvali fire, harsh Abkhaz drug plan, Abkhaz ethnic cleansing via admin change, Abkhaz VP cranky re flying glass, Shamba interview, Abkhaz in Geo Univ, Nunes in Tbilisi, Basiani Red Bull Moscow PR mess, Kashia gets prize, Guria harassment suicide, crime rise, flooding, underground gas plan


Ten years since Russian invasion, Constitutional Court says weed legal, new PM fires governors, Pres Election 28 Oct, Otsneba says no candidate but leans to Salome Zurabishvili, she says in cemetery that Misha started it, Usupashvili runs, Vashadze disses Euro Geo, arrests for endangering miners, Geo Industrial Group unloads blame to Gov because residents want mine to stay, more ISIS convictions, Chair of Supreme Court resigns, Misha kisses Trumps tako in Fox OpEd, Ozurgeti Otsneba sakrebulo goons arrested, Adigeni Otsneba goon, Svans protest for illegal logging Gov sends Subari, Lunev to head Abkhaz Army, Assad too busy to visit OssAb, Lithuania says they will sanction Georgia’s OT List, Noble Partner, Georgians thieve Bagram shop, soldiers dismissed after stabbing in Kojori, Merkel may visit, Foreign Min visits DC, snow in Kazbegi and Gurauri, Kist cooks win big,