Kaladze wins in first round, Margvels holds nose and signs constitution, six runoffs, Mechiauri mess in Tianeti, 20K observers, 5K journalists, NDI OSCE say stuff, Aleko mulls party, Marneuli gun attack, Janelidze and Izoria in London, Polish FM in Tbilisi, Kobakhidze in Israel, NGOs want a say in next public defender, workplace harassment draft, Kobakhidze says BS in the EU Observer, parliament building refurbishment, Vasiko decides GPB goes in with Bera co, Guerrilla Gardening hit developer with trees, Abkhaz shut Gali school, Muslim and disabilities discrimination and lots of bullying in Georgian schools, traffic light cameras to appear, lari down, kiwis to Japan, ghvino in Brussels, charters, Zaza died, Bolshoi


Constitutional veto overridden, elections soon, candidate confusion on environment, pressure on candidates, Otsneba raises 4 mil lari, budget talks, Geneva talks, Turkey Az and Geo defense agreement, MFA says Catalan independence bad,  Margvel in Italy, Geo sends Buk to Dutch intelligence, labor inspections open now, transgender city court case on forced sterilization grounds, South Ossetia follows Russia labels Jehovas extremist, SO information center run by Russian Interior Min, Sameba memorial for Abkhaz war dead, new Abkhaz Interior Minister to deal with crime, Gali mess, special Abkhaz bitcoin, BI gets 15 percent of Geo bitcoin mined, no women mayors, Ajara mountains gas pipeline, trade numbers: Turkey, Russia, China Az top list, exporting potatoes, Poland permanent archeological office in Kutaisi, Geo films in Chicago, Strange Nights Vodka in NYC, stink bugs get to Tbilisi, Malta house cleaner, marathon back on


Marvel vetoes new screwed up constitution, Venice Comish finally criticizes, last Georgian schools in South Ossetia close, Bidzina gets park to become Panorama parking lot for one lari, GUAM chat, EU parliament passed Partnership resolution with lots of potential goodies, Montenegro visa free maybe, SEDM in Batumi, EU Ambos see EUMM, OSCE media boss visit, Misha wants to defeat evil, Lado Chanturia in European Court, pardons, committee tries to put women in parliament, PM says he won’t be Pres, Zaliko and Aleko neck and neck, Studio Monitori says kindergartens used by Otsneba, TI on Sakrebulo and procurement, messed up Khalvashi land deal, church clash in Samtskhe Jav. Abkhaz war remains, Serbs in Sokhumi, ICC will have Tbilisi office, Iranian business meeting, grapes, WizzAir flights to Europe from Kutaisi, new University metro, Batsiashvili grand master, 8 Minutes wins in NYC


Messed up constitutional amendments pass parliament via Otsnaba only, UN human rights report, Kvirikashvili meets Merkel, Marvel to Portugal, Dolidze Brink chat, Italian biz group, Lithuanians change Gruzia to Sakartvelo, Lady Chanturia to Strasbourg, NATO conference, two thirds for NATO, Karasin BS, Mukhtarli denied bail wins award, Stepantsminda explosion, Pankisi kid killed in Syria, Akhalkalaki Armanian cop fight, Adigeni Muslims threatened, UNM Panorama protest, Alliance of Patriots in Russia of course, NSC meets, Ergneti pow wow, Auditor General fires non Otsneba deputies, TI LEPL report, government transparency, IMF report, 14 Tbilisi mayor candidates, NDI report, ISFED report, Kakhi plays soccer, Dmanisi Muslims threatened, hijab girl ejected from school in Kakheti, Sokhumi events, Syrian Abkhaz cooperation, Adjara rain, Fady Asly fine and appeal, TSU construction worker death, Lancet says Georgia hits neonatal MDG goals, men get jobs women not so much, EC gives Geo 45 mil, new airport terminal, new Europe flights in March, Farmers Association, Tsulukiani opens 48th community center in Bakuriani, gay mistreatment petition, Nikozi library, Georgian wine museum in Yiwu China, Georgia food week in UK parliament, Armenian World Chess Champ, Prince Harry and Invictus Georgians