Raids and arrests in night clubs cause big demos for reasonable drug policy, nationalist demos, Res Marvel correctly said gov screwed up, IDAHO and Fam Day back and forth, EU Strasbourg court hears 2008 case, 4 NATO ships, PM in DC, US 4star in Vaziani, Kremlin sign with SGS co for border inspection, MEPs re Def visit, Armenian PM calls, MF in Kazak, Israeli Econ Min visit, Lith Pres says nice stuff, BI officially rebosses himself, Pres Speaker pardon yell-off, permanent residency tougher, US post consolidation maybe, Bassiani support video, PM on Fox, Dunbar on GoG BS, bus stops, blockchain


Four people die from unidentified pills, Parliament once again delays hearing about drug policy, Court freaks out about condom labels, Kiladze says some BS, NGOs want her to go away, metro workers can strike in a month, makes Kakhi sad, Armenians continue to rock, House delegation, Econ Min in Iran, Fin min in Manila, 8 UN ambos, new ed reform, S Osets mess with ABL more, ABL abduction, Mearakishvili slander BS, Enguri lines, Rose Rev Square to be First Rep Square, Victory Day arrests, Guardian on Georgian film festival, Guria oppressed


Otsneba Givi wins Vani Khoni, Tblisi Metro avoids strike, new smoking rules, People of Armenia continue to be awesome, Pres Margvel parliament address, BI returns formally, some tiny opposition parties join with Misha for pres run, not Euro Geo or Pinecones, IDAHO Day retreat by chair, German EU migration plan so less Georgian asylum, Big State Dude visited re NATO, Izoria in Israel to learn about IDF aggression under guise of education, Tallinn mayor visit, Lithuania ditches Gruzia for Sakartvelo, Bibilov SO Akhalgori ethnic cleansing, SO make Lyrica illegal, no SO double jobs, Lakerbaia history book war, East West Highway labor abuse, NDI poll 2 percent Georgia no idea what internet is, Geo Pop 3,729,600, Sadakhlo bridge, Vienna Baku train now with air con, Eric Lee first Republic book in Georgian, Girchi weed, hunger strike includes Snickers, Tkhibuli, Guardian on geo wine, TamOonz, Svaneti weed cuisine