Bidzina tells all, mad at ex-PM & Big Banks, Dato Bakradze and Grigol Vashadze will run for pres, Otsneba will say later, Kaladze has big Tbilisi transport plans, new Khorava Street murders purgery charge, Otsneba kicks out MP Chichinadze for speaking truth to power, Misha charge upheld on appeal, Kumsishvili and Alavidze ex ministers questioned, new Smith murder info possible rape, Shishani brother death in Syria, Salafis in Pankisi setting up new council to compete with non-Salafi council of Elders, Agara has new head, Rizhvadze, anti immigrant knuckle dragger march on Plekhanovi, NATO Noble Partner exercise 1 Aug Kremlin cranky, New PM in Brussels, Bibilov in Damascus, Russian border hold up wine at border on pretext, police drug raid was stupid says report, trade up, Dusheti road, Jones and Suny on first Republic, street kids


American family murdered in Dusheti, Bakhtadze names cabinet, new prosecutor, more miners killed in Tkibuli, Marvel nominates Otsneba pick for Ajara boss, UNM and European Georgia cooperation pact, PM in Brussels, Italian press visits, Belgian FM visits, Interpol arrest mobsters in Spain among them two Georgians, Gigi Tsereteli heads OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Kremlin asset Trump on Georgia and NATO, South Ossetian journalist Mearakishvili blames ministry for lack of support, child killed in Gonio, Svaneti villages cut off, Border Guards helicopter crash, OGP summit with Robot Sophia, Pachulia leaves Warriors for Pistons, Georgian March, non Azeri Kvemo Kartli video, super market workers rights, 3D printing Kvevris


Misha charged with ordering Gelashvili beating, new charges in Khorava murders, 18 candidates for top prosecutor anounced including BI lawyer, Studio Monitori allege Kremlin spy defense contractor, constitutional court say cash to Church not ok, Prosecutors leak Machalikashvili WhatsAp screen shots to Imedi, Russian spills creepy goo at airport, PM says all well with Econ, Ajara gov resigns, Russians detain Georgian border guards, Sanakoyev list, Syrian rebels apologize for Assad recognition, Georgia says no Syrian fly overs, Armenians and Abkhaz tensions, Margvel to NATO, Dallas Rep Pete Sessions annoyed with Georgia, Salafi Imam of Pankisi stepped down, Nenskra flood, London movie premier