New PM says which ministries get the cut, Tsulukiani no show to gov meeting, NGOs write how to fix judiciary and prosecutor mess, Ossetians want talc and marble mine so manufacture border dispute, Geneva talks, Turks vote Erdogan wins but not in Georgia, France sentences Georgian mobsters, Hong Kong mostly free trade deal, Margvel in Estonia, Irish support, US House Georgia caucasus, creepo Ike Kaveladze sues Lakoff, Agalarov video with Trump clues maybe, Gilbreath on poverty improvement, Giant Hogweed caution, GLOW help


Bakhtadze in, goals are Euro Atlantic integration, innovation, new Econ model, small gov, education, Marvel says nice Kvirikashvili stuff, Misha anti-Semitism and Chechen comment, Bakhtadze gave GEL 20K to UNM in 2012, ministries from 14 to 11, Tsulukiani stays, police salaries going up, Ossetians charged with torture, Pankisi support Mashalikashvili, Ozergeti donnybrook, Chiatura anti police protests, no Abkhaz visas due to World Cup, OSCE ambo visit, EU asylum numbers up, trade up, Georgia gets stingers, new car rental place, parliament move


Guests Dunbar, Jonas, bye Kvirikashvili, Otsneba and government hullabaloo, more Khorava wrangling, protests fizzle, not public anger, Machalikashvili goes off, Platform statement, Marneuli mayor charged with torture, Mountain road, UN res, Izoria in Brussels, Montenegro, speaker in Kiev, Bulgaria speaker visit, Tsulukiani and LGBT comments, March of Georgians case, marshutka deaths, shepherd detained, Abkhaz solution, paraglider donnybrook, Starbucks, UNICEF report, Civil.ge 100 years ago news, JAM on Metro, Indigenous Outsiders on Ajara mosques, Cambridge event


Prosecutor screws up Khorava murder trial, protests, Shotadze resigns, European Georgia takes over, they fizzle, nobody’s sure if the prosecutors and political control of the judicial system will get fixed, read Jonas, Gigauri wants Tsulukiani out, Metro workers strike, deal appears, Tatunashvili was tortured, Devdariani sues 8/10, Bellingcat outs Kremlin MH17 goon who was minister in Ossetia, CONFIFA Abkhaz soccer, Judo shooting, Mini Mike Tyson Brooklyn muscle for Shulaya trial, Mexican ok, Sumo in Tbilisi, Graff on Thieves, Ballon Decoration School, 100 Years of the Republic exhibition


Assad recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia, NATO says nice Georgia stuff, Karasin says NATO is bad, world yawns, new Armenian PM rockstar in Tbilisi two days, Pres and PM in Krynica, Gakharia in Germany, Tbilisi rally about school stabbing, prosecutor screwing it up, Mukhtarli abduction demonstration, Shotadze says some BS about it, IRI poll, Otsneba at 27 percent, Otsneba suppression of freedom of speech bill, Church says don’t talk to Rustavi 2, Tbilisi anti Lomisoba demonstration, cattle theft at Akhalkalaki border, Jehovas Gori vandaism, Gali residents still only one booth crossing at Enguri, hate speech on the rise, three ex US Ambos say Georgia get in gear, Demna $1K t shirt, day in Batumi, Waterston on gender, Telavi events