Ukraine says no Misha until 2021 but EU green card from Dutch, Margvel’s veto to public broadcaster law overridden, new Giorgi Sanaia murder info, police tell domestic violence victim to stop harassing her ex on FB, BitFury now Chinese, PM at Munich Security Conference Kumsishvili in Baku re gas line, Tatar in town, Bibilov in Moscow, Osset journalist fired and searched, Transnistrians in Abkhazia, no votes for top Abkhaz judge, Turk abducted in Ochamchire, police operation with EU related to visa free problems, labor law amendments argument re work safety, tax breaks for small businesses, pension reform to be discussed soon, Pirveli and Iberia TV issues, Mukhtarli statement, Chabuk released on bail, German MEP visits Chabuk, Georgia more corrupt says TI CPI, Putin head candy prank, Jonas on environment policy, Dunbar on the Death of Stalin


Misha in Kielbasastan, Georgian March prepares goon squad, Georgian restaurant soft opens in Palo Alto, EU asylum worries, EU support up or down, PM in Brussels, Kobakhidze meets GOP dudes in DC, Margvel with Greeks, Izoria in Romania, Janelidze in Kuwait, Estonian Def Min in Tbilisi, Russians call Roki border big whoop, Abkhaz in Georgian hospitals, Abkhaz create Ideology post, Khajimba flirts with Facebook ban, Gali singer, South Ossetia sets up investment site, State Inspector post, new head of human rights dept and border police, underworld penalties up, Margvel simplifies pardoning procedures, military reserve, weapons purchases up, one opposition candidate yea right, labor draft watered down, public broadcaster still a mess, Ugulava runs in Imereti, terrible Omalo road, Archpriest conviction upheld, Mkhedrioni shot, hospital corruption, 11 story building 27, Kobuleti anti Madrassa, Zugdidi kicks out market, RFE no R2, Open Budget Rank, Alex Jones in Tbilisi!?


Varketili Metro disaster, white noise demonstrations, video of Georgian officer torturing conscript, Radio Free Europe and Liberty exists due to Rustavi 2 partnership, Janelidze in Brussels, Lithuania PM visit, Serb visit, Kiev court puts Misha under night house arrest, new obstruction rules, Kabakhidze firm on broadcaster law, judges pretend Chabuk not refugee, no release of Mukhtarli info, Pankisi residents angry, Rustavi 2 films Grozny Mayor in Batumi, trans attacked in Vake, Abkhaz Cossacks for Putin, Russian slave in Abkhazia, Gali residents need proof not Geo citizens, Akhalgori product limits, Karasin says some BS, South Ossetian units in Russian army, trip to Nauru, Yerevan Misha event canceled, better food in kindergartens, salmonella in Carrefour, inflation steady, Silknet to buy GeoCell, Georgian sump top, Georgian food in Palo Alto soon says Pachulia