Isani sting info oozes out ISIS Chechens etc, Dudaev, Chatayev, Human Rights Court says Vano illegally imprisoned fine state 4K, PM in Brussels re E Partnership, Belt and Road Forum, Ukrainian Slovenian, Moldovan PM visit, Janelidze in Turkmen capital, Lomjaria will be Public Defender, Eva Gotsiridze to Const Court, weed legalization moving Const Court weighs in, PACE says more check and balances re opposition and Mukhtarli, masks on statues re air pollution, Batumi hotel fire, Karasin doesn’t like Javelins, Russia training right wing paramilitaries, Khajimba in S Ossetia, prisoner swap, Georgian mosaic in Ashdod, tobacco regs clarified, first same sex chokha wedding in NYC, culture houses, Spiney Dogfish, astronaut in Tbilisi


Isani special op 4 killed, Talks with Kremlin re WTO, Janelidze in Turkmenistan re Lapis Corridor, Kobakhidze in Belarus, new EU map, US sells Georgia Javelin missiles, new interior leadership, new Ucha talks, Otsneba brass bad mouth public defender, NGOs want to keep EU NATO ministry, CRRC says people don’t know about amendments, adds on Public Broadcaster maybe, new campaign finance draft, Gov tells judge no asylum to Turk, UNM prison guards charged, Abkhaz border report, stink bug help vanishes, Kilmarnock Sokhumi drama, sexist Mareuli mayor, Georgian tolerance made intangible, Freedom of Net rank, Silknet puts Jonas on board, OC Media talks to Abkhaz remembering the war, BBC on khachapuri


Ministry organizational shake up including end of Environment Ministry, charges of BIs allies moving up, Otsneba wins all but Ozurgeti run offs, ISFED GYLA say ok mostly, EU External Action report says Georgia ok, Klaar gets closer, Polish and Swedish foreign ministers in Tbilisi, President Margvel said Warsaw deal with Kremlin, 5 MPs go to Ukraine war zone, Izoria to Pentagon, Accumulative Pension draft out, Kaladze presented five deputies, Tbilisi sakrebulo chair Giorgi Tkemaladze, Putin and Bibalov, Friends of Crimea, Bibilov misses USSR, Assad sends Bibilov birthday card, Nauru pres visits Abkhazia, Russian customs office opens in Sokhumi, worlds oldest wine proof, protestants, chechen seamstress, Vogue likes Tbilisi, King Lear, Dublin sings


More constitutional amendments, budget inc stink bug cash, Megs Kardava pulled in on extradition request, Goga Oniani in UNM trouble too, EuroNest trip, MEPs vote on Eastern Partnership stuff, Gigi Tsereteli acting OSCE president, CoE HR report, NATO ships in Batumi, Estonian Klaar special rep, Pres Margvel in Poland, Izoria in DC, runoffs, campaign finance numbers, NGOs criticize the Public Broadcaster, Chicken Chuckers ticked about rainbow armband, underground crossing pee problem, cableway fixed, Georgian ABL abductions, Abkhaz church talks, car deaths, Silk Tower, Wheelchair fencer win, Dive Bar deep sixes Trump flag, Supra DC restaurant opens, Bjork wrap up, Vogue on Tbilisi streets, co investment fund opaque, Luger Center tizzy. Aukhum divers Akhali Samgori dump, Galaktion in London


Mechiauri won in Tianeti, first Baku Tbilisi Kars train, Estonian pres visit, Finn def min, Big Saudi, Georgia pro-Spain, South Ossetia pro Catalan, US congress resolution, Senator Rich interview, Geo death in Ukraine, Interpol extradition of smuggler, Pvliashvili death investigation, Georgians in North Ossetia protest, 500 Syrian Circassians, Abkhaz language day, 250 IDP houses, Green Akubardia caused of abuse, Kashia rainbow armband freakoutage, Marneuli mosque, coal mine death, economy tops four percent, tons of oranges, EU bio safety point in Kakheti, new Turk border point, road rehab, new Khulo trail, deWaal on Abkhazia, AmCham Cowgill in Hill