KazTransGaz guys arrested, Speedboat Killer arrested, new Supreme Court method in the works, nominees resign, NATO drills, Zurabashvili to Brussels, Bakhtadze to Vilnius, PACE report, Magnitsky and beyond, Security Service reshuffle, Foreign Minister pro Ukraine church independence, Khunjua head of prosecutor overseer, 18 swine flu deaths, foreign trade up, EC on transport infrastructure, personal debt eliminated, Enguri still closed, Russian soldiers die in car crash, Roki closed due to snow, easier Geo citizenship for Ossets and Abkhaz, Armed Lullaby in Berlin, khajapuri, new de Waal report, Georgia Bitcoin mining fetish in NYT, Indian med students

One thought on “TBLPOD24jan2019

  1. Growling about Armenians “appropriating” Ajaruli Khachapuri is a bit pointless. Batumi’s population before 1921 had a very large Armenian population (no less than 10%), many of whom owned bakeries and restaurants. What is now Artvin, Ardahan, Rize and Trabzon provinces of Turkey, before 1915, had mixed populations of ethnic Georgians, Hamshen Armenians, Pontic Greeks and Turks, all copying each other’s beverages, dances, music, and foods, including pide, lahmajun and khachapuri. It’s like complaining that white people should not play jazz.

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