Gali Georgian suicide under Russian detention in Abkhazia, Illegal Uranium sale in Ajara, Misha leaves as UNM chair, another Otsneba MP leaves party, PM BSes about TBC, no parliamentary investigation about Gakharia threats to Khazaradze, exNBG Katagidze questioned, Broers with Conciliation Resources, New Zealand Mosque murderer has Georgian kings names written on gun, Pressure in Lithuania and Armenia, PM said embassies in Vietnam and UAE, PM in Japan, Vanuatu FM visit, Russia no longer EU strategic partner, Beselia judge plan, stupid protesters re kid stuff, school investigation political says GYLA, Osset crossings open, two Birkiani ISIS guys killed, border abductions in Ossetia, CoE singled out State Agency for Religious Issues, US State Human Rights Report, grants to Abkhaz and Ossets, Bagrationi court case, Lil Wayne jacket, GeoFresh, TI TBC Anaklia timeline, Gery Shalon

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  1. Mark,
    While I am too ignorant to have an interest in the material you covered, I tuned in just to hear your voice. Very cool to hear you! I hope you are well. Best wishes and regards,

  2. **Civil.ge published a summary of the TBC Bank investigation. Link: https://bit.ly/2ChIaTh

    Transparency International Georgia has also published a timeline of events. Link: https://bit.ly/2VOBtPR

    **Bloomberg wrote about the arrest and prosecution of Otsneba MP Shota Shalelashvili’s son, Israeli citizen Gery Shalon. Link: https://bloom.bg/2TlG9uL

    **OC Media published findings by the Caucasus Research Resource Centers that show Georgians overwhelmingly support recently reintroduced mandatory technical inspections for vehicles. Link: https://bit.ly/2F3lTKo

    **OC Media photographed the truckers of the Darieli Gorge. Link: https://bit.ly/2CipvXv

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