BI picks Margvel, sex tape leaker Khvedelidze arrested, Burj is back, Givi Targamadze back in Tbl lets rip, Chiora puncher gets job, secret cop cams, Misha with students, Georgians killed in Afghanistan, Lugar Lab re-registers, Kronika hilarity, Georgians feel safe at night, Kakheti rains, Stalin in Sighnaghi, EBRD forecast dims, new European entity, Otar dies, vetoes, kicking back on plani, BBC on graveyard picnics, patents, Friday anti-homophobia day

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  1. Kurieri P.S. about Giorgi Margvelashvili: goo.gl/TIbml

    Mark Mullen about Giorgi Margvelashvili: goo.gl/nWPb0

  2. Zoonotic disease (spread from animals to humans) is indeed a substantial problem here, maybe not as much as 60% of illnesses, but still a significant cause of suffering. The list includes hookworm, roundworm and hydatids (from dogs), brucellosis, bovine tuberculosis and leptospirosis (from cattle), and influenza (from pigs and chickens) as well as giardia and rabies from many mammals. Given that influenza of pigs and chickens can mutate and wreak havoc amongst human populations with millions of cases worldwide spread by air travel, there is a lot of monitoring of flu virus genetics done here, as in most countries.

    The incidence of many of these diseases can be dramatically reduced by vaccination and regular anti-parasite treatment of livestock at low cost (reductions of incidence by 75% or more are not unusual within a few years of starting proper disease control) but few owners of livestock here practice this, out of ignorance or poverty, and often their families pay the price.

  3. The Stalin statue in Sighnaghi was actually more of a plaque with his profile in relief. It was in that little park at the top when you come in from the Tsnori road

  4. Yeah, so if you still take questions for Tea Tsulukiani, then maybe you should ask her what she smoked when she gave this advice to the peaceful demonstrators who were viciously attacked by the mob today: “In the future I hope opposed parties in our society will understand better that both groups have the right to exist for one simple reason: both of them are citizens of our country, humans and we are all members of the same society”.

  5. If the Partirarch(ate) wanted to stop this from ever happening again it would be the simplest thing in the world: excommunicate all the priests that were inciting violence today. Defrock them. Tell the world that His Holiness Ilia II and the Georgian Orthodox Church condemns this violence, and that all of the clergy who were involved in it are no longer part of the Georgian Orthodox Communion. That would truly prove that the Patriarch was against violence, and that would stop all suggestions that his actions and inactions lead to this horrible day

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