Our 18 April surprise guest! Minister questions, Data v. Vano, new NDI #s, no army parade, Ajara MP beatings firings, prison guards arrested, prison hunger strike, prison cameras, Coms Comish Chair Chikovani Concession, Misha receipts, Kutaisi Mayor impeached, Tbl Sakrebulo UNM defection, Broadcaster firing suit, Topadze anti-free trade, big farm tax break, more on non res deposits, Love Day, Deda Ena day, labor code, Saak Ibn-Ashvili on Russian TV, marriage age, KargiGogo and Dusseldorf flesh pots!

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  1. The new labour law discriminates against agricultural ventures. Agriculture is a 365 day a year business, and security patrolling and irrigation management of larger farms is a 24 hour a day affair. Agriculture is also very seasonal in its labour requirements, and in many cases farm workers have their own small farms that need attention, so flexibility of working hours and engagement terms can be mutually beneficial. Considerable flexibility is required if agricultural businesses are to take on significant staff, operate safely and efficiently, and still generate a return.

    It is interesting to see how other developing countries fared when they tightened up their labour regulations. When China introduced French-style labour regulations in 2008, making dismissal of staff difficult and costly, many firms immediately sacked the least productive 20-30% of their staff before the legislation was enacted. That generally incorporated youth, middle aged workers and some workers with mild disabilities. There was a surge in capital investment in labour saving technology in agriculture, manufacturing and services, and as staff left or retired they were not replaced. New business development was often staffed by outsourced workers provided by labour contractors rather than company employees. High levels of unemployment in 2008-9 led to many thousands of riots across the country.

  2. TBLPOD.com is going to be interviewing some Minister:

    – Minister of Economy Giorgi Kvirikashvili;
    – Justice Tea Tsulukiani;
    – Energy Kakhi Kaladze;
    – Education Giorgi Margvelashvili;
    – Health Davit Sergeenko;
    – Reintegration Paata Zakareishvili;
    – Environment Khatuna Gogaladze;
    – Agriculture David Kirvalidze;
    – Defense Minister Irakli Alasania.

    If you have any questions for these guys, send your questions to TBLPOD@gmail.com or post them to our forum.

  3. A new episode of Russian Channel1’s TV show “Animated Personalities” featured Misha as an the incompetent sword swallower “Saak Ibn-Ashvili.” Gerard Depardieu presented Saak Ibn-Ashvili who performs an unsuccessful sword swallowing trick that ended up killing him.


  4. Hats off to Will Dunbar for standing up to the NGO gang of Misha haters. I was particularly impressed by his maturity as he ignored Mark Mullen’s “you love Misha” taunt. I’m sure Will’s analysis of the situation has little to do with his personal view of Misha. Simply, as someone who used to work for Russian state TV, Will is much better placed than the gang to see through the Kremlin’s skulduggery and appreciate the B.I. threat.
    Ignatius O’Reilley, ex RoI envoy to Georgia (who defected to the UK following Maggie Thatcher’s death)

  5. Anyone have more information about the work permits, and when those would take effect or were I could find out more information. I can read Georgian if its only in Georgian.

    • The main changes that are to be undertaken to the “Labour Code” are the following:

      Discrimination (gender, racial, ethnic, religious, etc.) made by the employer, shall be prohibited not only during the labor relations (while the employee works), but also during the pre-contractual relations (before taking on a job, at the time of the job interview, while the job application is being reviewed, etc.). In such a case, if a person makes a complaint, the burden of proof shall be placed on the employer.

      The employer becomes obliged to provide the job candidate with full information about the work to be performed; the form and term of the labor contract; the working conditions and the legal position of the future employee during the labor relations.

      The labor contract shall be concluded for a definite or indefinite term. It shall be concluded for a definite term only in cases when it is related to fulfilling a concrete job; seasonal work; a temporary increase in the amount of work; replacing an employee during his temporary absence; and other objective circumstances.

      The working time determined by the employer during which the employee performs the obligations imposed by the contract shall not exceed 41 hours per week. The working time does not include a break and rest time. The working time for minors aged between 16 to 18 and persons employed to perform hard, harmful, or dangerous work, has also been limited and it shall not exceed 36 hours per week. Also, the working time of minors aged between 14 to 16 shall not exceed 24 hours per week.

      The draft code defines overtime work as performance of work by an employee on the demand of an employer for a duration that exceeds the weekly limit of 41 hours, though it says that overtime work should be remunerated if it exceeds 48 hours per week (though the parties can also agree on less time). Overtime work shall be remunerated with a rate that exceeds the average hourly rate by at least 25%.

      The employer is no longer entitled to dismiss an employee without indicating the grounds (it should be noted that an employee may leave the job without naming a cause), and these grounds must be envisaged in this code.

      The draft also forbids signing of tempory contracts for doctors, teachers and some other profession representatives when they are hired to work more than a month period.

  6. I see a decrease in Mr. Mullen’s use of “you Know”, a total of 23 this week, however he seems to have influenced the German dude, as his total is on the rise. What is more alarming is the increasing amount of giggles and attempts at humour, especially by the girl.

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