Givi Zaldastanishvili b day, Nazis, text book kick backs, new top prosecutor, Rus rep, Interior Dep Mins, students ticked, more vacations, ZZ death, Anaklia land, IDP dispute, New Ag Min talks cooperation, 3 mo Burj hiatus, Def Min 68 mil short, Just Min says Adeish good lawyer, no more taps, Constitutional Court GYLA Judgement (finally), SOCAR controls taps, Sosar ditches Mishas photo, sports shake up, Cartu guy in Ajara, Antelava Lukashenko & Chveni Will, Indians & Land, Borjomi strike over, Nigvziani Lebanon, Gulashvili out, cheap trash, Kodori family back, Def min council of elders, Patriarch & Gurchiani, Kokoity Fandarast guys, wombs, Justice servers, Soviet museum, calls from the joint, Kimeridze reopened, Grechikha’s son, Dutch Israeli dispute near baths, heavy metals in food, finger to Gorozia.

4 thoughts on “TBLPOD1nov2012

  1. Mark, you mentioned Sasha Tsulukidze the revolutioner born on 1 Nov. By the way. in the Soviet period Tsulukidze was the name of Khoni, where he was from. Actually he was from Kontuati. His parents house right next to Nukri’s house

  2. I would never put any trust in what a person tainted with corruption is saying. Can Mark Mullen explain why he dismissed Nina Khatiskatsi? Because she was a critic of Saakashvili, I say. Mr. Mullen has had business interests in Georgia under Saakashvili governments, and is member of Transparency. Transparency has to put its own house in order!

  3. Mark, after having discredited yourself with collaboration with Saakashvili government, you need to quit Transparency International!

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