Bacho’s back! Ilia, Jones & Holyoke, Bono, local gov, budget, lots of strikes and new comish, Kaladze sells, new faction, Moroshkina with prisoners, dep ed min says move to UK set up, Rev Service hist Channel 1, Chanturia cries politics, Badri’s daughter takes over Imedi, SOCAR gets Itera, Ex Interior Min Targamadze says he’ll return, new GeoCell boss, DCFTA, long churchkhela, Brazilian film festival, Lit in Georgia book, Iare Pekhit.

3 thoughts on “TBLPOD8nov2012

  1. On factions: I think that when the number of MPs was reduced from 235 to 150, the number needed to form a faction was reduced from 10 to 6.

  2. From the week before, I said that the website was foodsafety.ge. It is actually http://www.momxmarebeli.ge that promotes consumer protection. Some organization named Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) supported Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG, the name I could not remember either) to develop that website. That organization, EPF, will also be implementing a project focused on protecting consumer rights funded by the EU. Ok, ok, I work at EPF.

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