More Pres v PM BS, BI in Kviris Palitra, NYT says arm Geo, Giga in DC, Batumi Dumbadze booted, KaZantip 2015 church wants water monopoly there, Narmania pays for kids, market fire, NATO Breedlove says Geo good, PM in UAE, GoG says Crimea elections BS, Moscow flights back, Germans mugged in Svaneti, Students protest re TSU ed, new public info site, SO military exercises, Alasania’s son joins army, Svaneti ski development, no Azeri media on NATI exercises, GYLA wins free foreign kids case, prisoners deaths, Vatican chat, methanol by rail now, Swiss watch Geo docs, juries delayed again, language nationalism bill prepared, door welded on sick kids home, Lomsadze on the seduction of talking about coups, Leonard Lopate chef chat, asylum numbers. Girls that code, Kargi Gogo

3 thoughts on “TBLPOD18sept2014

  1. Now that another favorite of TBLPOD, Carl Bildt, has been ousted and outted as a corrupt whore of Misha, why not try to bring together as guests, some of his other whores. The bevy of his whore gals married to his whore followers, everyone knows who I’m speaking about, and together they can renounce any wrongdoing and point their fingers at BI, all because their ATM has closed. tick, tick, tick…..

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