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  1. The MEME this week is a photo published by Tabula magazine of a movie still from a musical being filmed in Tbilisi of “A Knight in Tiger’s Skin,” by director Nikoloz Khomasuridze. Link: http://bit.ly/1l6FTOx

    A photoessay on civil.ge on the preparations for the KaZantip electronic music festival in Anaklia. Regardless of Church warning against the festival, locals support the event and the influx of tourists it will bring. Link: http://bit.ly/1pusKyF

    Maia Edilashvili investigates for Transitions Online about a Misha-era privatization and investment program. She finds that sometimes nepotism determined the sale of land, being sold at a symbolic price of 1 lari to members of Misha’s circle. Link: http://bit.ly/1rbHN2L

    An article by Lincoln Mitchell for Foreign Policy magazine’s Democracy Lab, about the criminal charges against Misha. He argues that Misha’s U.S. allies should not interfere. Lincoln Mitchell consulted for the Georgian Dream coalition in the run-up to the 2012 elections. Link: http://atfp.co/1q0pirL

    Agenda.ge has a detailed breakdown of the expenses and spendings of public funds allegedly misused by former president Misha, as he is charged by the Prosecutor’s Office. Link: http://bit.ly/Y91wDn

    Have a look at NGO JumpStart Georgia’s newest infographic, asking “Who is Georgia’s #1 Public Official?” It is about the Prime Minister v President. Link: http://bit.ly/1rvUv86

    Chow.com has an article called “georgian-food-is-having-a-manhattan-moment/” mainly about the glories of khajapuri but also some places in Brooklyn that Manhatanites could venture to. Link: http://bit.ly/Vn5N4m

  2. It is well know that Bildt is a long time follower of Saakshvili and has at times worked for him. He is not an objective voice on German politics and is not a frined of Georgia. He is only a friend of himself

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