Deputy Mayors, more Misha stuff, Azeri soccer clash, Margvel’s judges rejected, NSC meeting, PM on media and NGO bias, Nato chief means business, US Russia sanctions, IMF cash, Azeri gas rule, Kakheti village water demo, mine worker death, Erdogan insulted by being called Georgian, new government charity fund, another KaZantip protest, five tons of plani, Batumi hotels, Studio Monitor on TB, Akhalgori schools skip Geo Hist, Osset Russians detain guys, free trade suspension, move bike, pardons, Geo D&G model, new cheap flights, Baku NY flights, Gvinjilia wins Benext, asylum desk at airport, Dartlo etc remonti, small biz help, Ajara skiing, Geo wine in China, surveillance chat, more foreigner land BS, Pekini ramp demise

One thought on “TBLPOD7aug2014

  1. The MEME this week is a photo published online by Tabula magazine of a ruined wheelchair ramp on the corner of Pekini and Budapest streets in Tbilisi. One month after it was put in, the ramp was blocked when the street was being fixed and was replaced by an elevated street curb. No more ramp. Link:http://bit.ly/1s5J3UK


    A photoessay by DFwatch about the school conditions for children in the predominantly Azeri village of Lombalo, in Georgia. Link:http://bit.ly/X4EXQ2

    The Un Human Right Commission report on the state of human rights in Georgia. Link:http://bit.ly/1u1R7q4

    Paul Rimple and Justyna Mielnikiewicz report for Eurasianet.org on the problem of teenage prostitution in Georgia and holes in the state’s social programs. Link:http://bit.ly/1zXIj5c

    Watch a new promotional video released by Georgia’s Department of Tourism. Link: http://bit.ly/1qYIs7F

    Agenda.ge reports on an archeological discovery carried out by the Georgian National Museum near Mskheta, with artifacts that are believed to be over 4000 years old. Link: http://bit.ly/1ogJUQU

    An article in The Guardian about debates regarding international surrogacy laws, with mention of practices in Georgia. Link:http://bit.ly/1kpk2RR

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