Guest Charles Fairbanks, godfather Koba, more pink, Buta Robakhidze video, Usupashvili statement on negotiations, TI BI 100 day event, new biz ombudsman, free health care for 2.2 mil, BI’s chair, Vano to patriots, Lessig, Tata plans, Mosque plans, ODIHR watch Akhalaia trial, dead prisoners, Givi’s overthrow, photographer non-spies, Ivanov case, more Ukruashvili, sakrebulo changes, Armenian elections, Fund cancels projects, soft drink producers off hook, special needs student book, Shorena I goes shopping in Paris, Ukraine and Warsaw flights, ambassadors, Hep C, Django.

4 thoughts on “TBLPOD21feb2013

  1. Tata own one of the biggest beverage companies in South Asia, and are the world’s second largest distributor of tea; Tetley is a Tata brand. West Georgia has huge areas of run-down tea plantations that the government wishes to return to commercial use, and private owners of small tea plantation plots are eager to cooperate with new processors if they enter the market.

  2. “There’s no real sort of policy wonky NPR-type thing here.” Says the introspective policy wonk to the group of experts on the political podcast about the media situation. What an absurdly self-reflective moment! But seriously, guys, keep it up. The show is great and very funny—my weekly dose of sanity. Georgia needs this kind of insider/expat, informed/outsider analysis now more than ever and sure, all the NPRi wonkiness it can get. Just don’t start getting all smug and monotone, although hearing Cameron’s NPR voice would be pretty funny.

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