Chatham House report on NGOs, Bibliogeddon, Koba Sergo cage fight, Narazeni eggs, Okruasvhili walks, Donadze chat, 5.2 mil in “jobs”, Bacho mistreats Dreamers, Tortladze’s Toyota, 7K walk, Margvel Deputy PM, Fule 20 mil, Kabakhidze resigns, Forestry guy back, Givi in Moscow with 600 bucks, Resources to environment, monument to Misha’s victims, more pink Stalin, no more API Super, Russian wine documents, tax owed, strikes, Navtlugi market, cheap Pegasus, Pasha Bank, Collective Ag Bill, pop names, Imedi on Elton John’s kids, Ms. Bagrationi on a bed, movies

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  1. When discussing Koba Davitashvili it is always worth reminding ourselves that he is godfather to one of Misha’s children and Misha is godfather to one of his–goes to show just how the roots of much of what is going on now stretch back to personal issues in the past. And yes, he was filmed trying to sell places on his party’s list for the 06 local elections. This resulted in him being booted out of his own party (the Conservatives). Also, for bonus geek points, I don’t think Bokeria was on the group of trust under Okruashvili, the main people were Givi Targamdze and Nika Rurua, the head and deputy head of the parliament’s Defense and Security Committee at the time. Bokeria was the deputy head of the Legal Issues Committee at the time I think.

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