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  1. I’m glad you understood the appreciation it was meant as even though it was not written in the tender, loving caring way. Or maybe it was.

    It struck me that you might need an intellectual reason to make Batono Dunbar embrace his fate in a genuinely thankful way. Tell him that his English relatives have a heavy debt for what they did in India and in Jamaica. I’m especially thinking of the difficult state of the western world is in because of all this yoga business also elevated by the English group from Liverpool. It has also started to spread to Tbilisi. This is only partly compensated for by the music from Kingston. It might not be totally clear why Dunbar should pay this debt to the inhabitants of Georgia but since we are in Tbilisi this doesn’t really matter. And after all are we not also human beings like the Indians without feathers? This is not to say that Indians with feathers are not humans but maybe more humans with feathers even though they don’t fly. Birds are entirely different and should not be discussed with Dunbar since this would only make his mind unclear.

    If this doesn’t work we could hope for the Stockholm syndrome to change him to a man that is eating churchela and praising Bidzina writing lists of political prisoners that are longer than the lists of China, North Korea, Finland, Cuba, Ireland political prisoners taken together. Then he could read those names every week after the Kolga movies of the week had been presented but before the music. If you always ended with Barry White it could also be possible that he read the prisoners manes over the music.

    Since some of my wishes like Bidzina’s promises might be hard to fulfil directly you can follow in his footsteps and just imprison Dunbar for no specified reason at all other than that he have been a rude boy from time to time. Proof of this is attainable directly from Wikipedia where they write the following:

    “William Dunbar’s poetry contained a wide variety of subjects, moods and metres. He wrote many devout religious works and noble courtly pieces but he also produced comic pieces which often made use of scurrilous elements and uninhibited language.”

    Its quite obvious that he is scurrilous boy at least.

    From your lover, Anuki, DPID (Deputy Prosecutor at the Ideological Department)

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