Anuki blast, Kars RR ado, Misha on arrests, Klitschko in town, Kitovani back! Earthquake! bail for all, Kobalia hauled in preggers, Gunava case closed, Roland Akhalaia wants to take to to the people, swanky Interior cars, Subari shuts down monitors, Vani Enukidze switches, Kaladze lowers shuki price, Kakheti muslim land grab freak out, Georgia Sochi yes, Kulevi terminal strike, more Stalin, 35 years of Ilia, taxpayers build Poti church, 95% Georgians want better food safety, Exports, cars, alloys, fertilizer, Baratashvili new Chanturia, Egypt flights, Misha to Helmand, no big Tbl New Years bash, great Environment article by Tsira Gvasalia, Dzidzikuri doing favours for Patriarch, budget changes, by-election in April not October, seat belts, Donna Reed tomorrow, Happy New Year from TBLPOD.com!

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  1. my new years wish from tblpod: i read thomas de waal’s “the caucasus, an introduction”. there is a detail i disagree with that awould merit debate tblpod. de waal claims the rose was a sign of the protests on 2003 that misha then adopted. i witnessed the protests the rose appeared outside of parliament once misha used it when barging into the chamber. my proposal for a discussion: where did the rose come from?

    • The rose is shrouded in myths. Charles King in his “Ghosts of Freedom” assumes roses weere given to troops guarding government buidlings. Did anybody witness that? Are there photos of this around?

  2. For those with access to scholarly journals and interested in food safety in Georgia – I recommend this article by Elizabeth Dunn:

    Dunn, E.C. (2008). Postsocialist Spores: Disease, Bodies and the State in the Republic of Georgia. American Ethnologist 35 (2): 243:258.

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