Kitoshvili on Okruashvili, Expensive AKs, Def Mins yell, new MIA passport fake, Aslan Abashidze trial, Tsotne Gamzakhurdia, Melnikov in Ukraine, Def Min gives up taps, Burton wins Shiva, CIS what? MPs and Biz, Givi overthrows Kremlin, Nanuashvili Ombudsman, who can downsize Supreme Court judges? Big Geo Parma gets regulated, health care changes, ambo for prisoner swap, Frenchness and MPness, Gulfstream G5 to Bombardier, gas goes down 5, fancy condom ban, muslims can’t come in, TV, poor baby hostage, BP data, Center Point, Pegasus flights, Pirosmani, Georgian movies

5 thoughts on “TBLPOD13dec2012

  1. I would like to request more polysyllabic Russian surnames in the podcast. Listening to Mark pronounce them is like listening to a man gargle with marbles. I can’t get enough. The most jabberwockian Georgian surname never trips any of you up.
    (And joking aside – great job as usual, all of you. This is a valuable service you provide.)

  2. on the railway, zakareishvili said that the idea is now off the table after a flat rejection by the abkhaz. so even if 63% are in favour, it won’t be happening any time soon alas

    • I don’t know, I don’t know of any official Abkhazian statements on the matter — and surely they could put some more effort into bringing Abkhazia around on this matter? The poll findings are interesting because they in effect give the government a mandate to make real work of this.

  3. Since we have mentioned the problems in Nigvziani Village regarding religious tolerance, I thought I’d share some stats from the the Public Attitudes in Georgia: Results of a November 2012 survey carried out for the National Democratic Institute by Eurasia Partnership Foundation’s Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC):
    1. Question: There has been an incident in Nigvziani village in Guria where Georgian Muslims are being prevented from holding religious services in a privately owned building. Are you aware: Yes – 73%, No 21%, Don’t Know – 6%.
    2. Question asked to those who responded yes above: Should they be allowed to hold their services in a privately owned building? Yes – 51%, No – 29%, Don’t Know – 19%

    Regarding methodology:
    –Fieldwork dates: November 14 – 25, 2012
    –1,947 completed interviews
    –A nationally representative sample including capital, urban, rural, East Georgia and West Georgia areas.

    Disclosure: I am affiliated with EPF.

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