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19 thoughts on “TBLPOD6dec2012

  1. Mr. Mullen’s “You Know” count this week was: 61
    (If given more time, perhaps the girl would top that number.)

    Why didnt you get Mr.MacFarlane a double espresso before or during the show? Dude was either half asleep or running for the position of the Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia!.

    I must call you out on your statement that Take-5 (composed by the late great alto saxophonist, Paul Desmond), was inspired by music Mr Brubeck heard in Istanbul. In actual fact, it was one of his other classic numbers, “Blue Rondo a La Turk”.

    • “the girl”? really?
      Mr. Toth: here’s my challenge to you. Next week, see if you can manage to continue your valuable data collection of “you knows” while also managing to sleuth out the names of the speakers. Hint: they mention it at the start of the show. You know. Every week.
      Another Girl

      • This weeks total number of seconds of vexatious cachinnation by the girl is : 18

        Perhaps Mr. Mullen can consider ending this weeks show with Neil Young’s classic “The Old Laughing Lady”

        • I actually was the girl who put the comment up right before, too. But that’s cool. I think I say “like” and “um” more than “you know,” but I am glad that you focus on the important components. You might also compare the different ways that Mark and the girl use “you know,” as I think he starts phrases with “you know” whereas the girl ends with “you know?” The girl got it from Yeltsin and his “ponimaesh?”

          • Dear Girl,
            You obviously missed the point.
            cachinnation [ˌkækɪˈneɪʃən]
            1. raucous laughter
            2. (Psychiatry) Psychiatry inappropriate laughter, sometimes found in schizophrenia

  2. One recommendation, would be have a Georgian join in. It would be interesting to hear a Georgian voice instead of only foreign voices.

  3. Neil MacFarlane was great to have there. I think guest more appearances would be good to give more depth to some subjects. The guests would need groovier voices, something that sounds like Professor Lebedinsky would suit.

    The show touches on many subjects and then adds little comment. Maybe less topics and more debate on one subject matter would be good.

    I don’t live in Georgia anymore, so for me your view what things look like inside Georgia is much appreciated, since it puts an angle what I can read in the press. So it would be nice to hear your takes on what RFE/RL publish or other English language sources.

    Are the cultural listing necessary? People in Tbilisi have access to them anyway. For me it’s simply easier to go to the Apollo cinema than make all the way to Dom Kino.

  4. I completely agree that adding a Georgian co-host would be very beneficial.

    I would also suggest more analysis of key events and less trying to touch on all news topics of the week (though I appreciate it would be hard to pick and choose the topics on which to focus).

    Most (not all) of the regular news available in English doesn’t really provide good analysis of what is going on…so if you added some of that to your podcast, I think you’d be filling in a much-needed gap.

    • I agree with the analysis and the quality of the many English language sources.

      The format of TBLpod is by foreigners for foreigners. Well not for foreigners, I think a lot of Georgians must enjoy listning to it too. I think the distance that TBLpod has is one of its great advantages. It also shields the pod from being accused of serving anyones interest,

      • I think there are plenty of non-politically affiliated Georgians out there who would be able to add some depth of analysis to the discussions. This comment is not meant to detract at all from the current hosts — they are doing a great job. However, as with any country, there are some nuances that foreigners will miss (myself included!). That’s why I think it would add value to include a Georgian on the panel. But this is ultimately up to the tblpod folks to decide. Just a friendly suggestion. 🙂

        BTW, I think that if anyone wanted to accuse tblpod of serving anyone’s interests, they would go ahead and do the accusing regardless of the ethnic make up of the panel.

  5. I agree that the analysis provides insight that mere news reporting can’t, but on the other hand I think it would be a shame if some of the smaller news gets dropped which doesn’t get reported on elsewhere.

  6. I regret to inform people that the announced Works in Progress by Lasha Bakradze on attitudes towards Stalin is postponed until next semester.

  7. Hey, thank all of you for your comments, these are really useful, we are thinking about the stuff you are talking about in our unceasing efforts to provide concise coverage and analysis according to the highest journalistic principals while adding a casual breezy tone by saying “you know” and “um” as often as possible. But hearing directly from listeners is great, because so often my co-hosts have views that are just so so wrong as I am sure you have noted. Also Toth, can you start calling me “girl” too, it makes me fell all tingly inside.

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