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13 thoughts on “TBLPOD7june2012

  1. David Bezhuashvili is the same MP who owns the majority of shares in the company which owns the Tkibuli Coal mine. The company, which , despite President Saakashvili’s public statements, has not been held responsible once for several deadly accidents that happened in the mine and caused the death of around 17 miners in the course of one year.

  2. In the next edition, you guys should cover the story on amendments to the Law on Protected Areas of Kolkheti Wetlands, which wil now provide legal basis (in violation of at least three international environmental conventions Georgia has ratified) for construction of the highway connecting Anaklia to Poti. Story in Georgian here: http://netgazeti.ge/GE/105/News/10217/

    The most striking are the quotes of Akaki Bobokhidze, the head of the Environemtnal Committee in the Parliament.

    • i guess i’m kind of an example for this due to my euro fatehr not immigrating to the usa (he hated the country) and instead going to peru. also, due to my mother being a middle class white peruvian, she had too much of a comfortable life as to not being forced to emigrate to the states like many other peruvians. i’m not sure how being half german half peruvian is better than being 100% eurotrash, though. probably just lulzy in a different way. so i’m also what you us-born latinos would be, had your parents not been wise enough to leave their home countries. anyway, thank you sywh for showing me what i’m missing by not being american. i’m srsly jelly 🙁

  3. I seem to be unable to access this or any of the other old podcasts (the current one is fine). Which is a shame, since I didn’t get around to listening to this one yet. Any idea what’s the problem?

  4. adamBATTAGLIA Posted on whit, your pictures are unlbbievalee. sure, i’m really jealous but also REALLY JEALOUS. congrats on what seems to be a successful trip so far. can’t wait to see the show.

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