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8 thoughts on “TBLPOD31may2012

  1. Great programme as always, but sometimes you should make a greater effort to get your facts right:

    – The Abkhazian MP who was found dead in his Moscow was not ‘murdered’ (or you have sources that I don’t know about and which you should cite). And he is not the second MP to die, I don’t know whom you are thinking about there.

    – The Russian facility at Chuburkinji is not a military base, but a residential complex for the families of the border guards. See here for the story and photos: http://apsnypress.info/news/6350.html

    • Thanks for your comment! We try to get our facts straight, sometimes we miss something or are mislead by our sources. In any case, thanks for letting us know!


      • Well I have to admit that I’m not all that big on nation staets including Palestinian ones. Never the less:Human rights are, in effect, limitations on what staets are allowed to do. The Canadian Human Rights Code, The Rights Of Man, The Magna Carta each of these is a limit on the power of the state. International Law also needs to be included in this list. Our concept of human rights is in a large part agreed upon limits on the rights of staets. When we say that RoR is an individual right this is a consensus view (excluding Zionists) that staets do not have the right to define who their citizens are, except in the class of granting new citizenship. One you got a citizen you got a citizen, including their children etc. Revolutions do not matter. New countries do not matter. People can not be bought and sold, or traded like horses.If Palestinian rights to return are not individual rights then Israel has the right to decide who is, and who is not a citizen. It becomes perfectively acceptable for Israel to expel the remaining Palestinians in its territory. It also becomes acceptable for Nazi Germany to have expelled the Jews. What you are proposing is a version of South Africa’s attempt at defining races as citizens of various bantustands. And yes, those bantustands would legitimize this travesty.If the Palestinian side can’t negotiate how to implement a peace agreement (including associated issues like refugee compensation and right of return), then who can?According to international consensus except Zionists and members of the Nazi party of Germany, no one is allowed to negotiate refugee compensation and right of return except the individuals in question. That negotiation is carefully weighted so that the individual has a clear and absolute choice to return home.

    • No, that *is* a “military base.” It’s a military town, which includes residences for FSB border guards and their families. The Border Service of Russia is a military outfit, under the command of an Army General. The Chuburkhinji base may not look like Ft. Hood, but it’s not a civilian housing development.

      • Mr Sophistry himself : Hard to know what you mean by “stolen Palestine”. Really? You’re sngtrgliug with that are you? Let me help you there, I like to help. Stolen’ as in taken from the rightful lawful owners, Palestine’ as in the place known, by Zionist and non-zionist alike , pre-1940 s as Palestine’ it ain’t hard to find it used to be on maps of the region, Witty there are a few you can look at.This other map,, is based on land ownership statistics compiled by the British government in Palestine, summarizes the respective holdings of the Arab and Jewish communities in 1945 3 years before you Zionists decided to steal as much of it as you could. It shows that, contrary to Zionist lies, the Jewish population of Palestine legally owned less than 7% of the land in 1945How can you establish a Jewish state in a place where such a small fraction of the land is in Jewish hands, except by planning all-along to forcefully take over (i.e: STEALING) that large proportion of the land that belongs to non-Jews? If Zionism could be achieved only by taking Palestinian land from its legal owners, because from an ethnic-religious perspective they happen to be the wrong sort of people, then that is simply STEALING-through-ethnic-cleansing, irrespective of what the opinion of the UN was at the time

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