Georgia population drops a bit, President says no US bases in passive voice, Eliot Engel says Kremlin messes things up, Lari hits record low, protests at David Gareja land gram by Azeri border guards, Beka Adamashvili wins EU Lit prize, new Saudi flights, most construction in Tbilisi, Batumi mass grave from 37, new president hopeful for Abkhazia, 99k emigrants 88k immigrants, EU Hartzell says in active voice Georgia can do what it wants, Temur Janjghava harasses weightlifter Tatia Lortkipanidze she calls him out and is pulled from competition, Maya Stepanadze fired from Imedi for criticizing Otsneba, Misha gets Ukrainian citizenship back, 20% of Georgians live in poverty, Chiatura miners back to work, no fact finding commission on Machalikashvili case, Marvel carpentry, Zurabashvili retweets Trump criticizing Biden, NYT on Lelo Burti, books

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