Kiwi Cafe meat mess, Const Court veto compromise, Samagrelo UNM beaterupers arrested, 20pp of BI re IRA and NDI, Rustavi2 case postponed, IPRM back re murder, Osset vote delayed, Abkhaz football cup, PM in France, NATO Warsaw text re MAP, Geo soldiers to CAR, ABL abduction, commercial attaches to embassies, abstentia verdicts, Russia paid 70k for heart attack, 2030 journo drowns, Isakadze fired, Iran RR, Iare Pekhit Tbilisi Ugly Walk, Robbie Williams Maroon 5, water quality, EIB, little Lelos, volunteer soldier test, lots of Kazakh flights, Zugdidi airport, zoo gets mongoose, IDP houses, hail missiles miss, Drink Like a Georgian, Carlsbad movie, Startup win, divisive marriage law, Moby tweet, Never Trump, Canada drugs

One thought on “TBLPOD2june2016

  1. The MEME this week is a video posted by the Facebook page Saperavi of a Soviet-era video showing Georgian bakers making tone bread.: http://bit.ly/1TMykIj

    American musician Moby tweets support for the Kiwi Cafe.: http://bit.ly/1UkF67p

    The attack on the Kiwi Cafe as covered by the New York Times: http://nyti.ms/2817Axg

    the BBC: http://bbc.in/1THUdIM

    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: http://bit.ly/1Y00PHP

    The Christian Science Monitor previews the CONIFA football tournament hosted in Abkhazia.: http://bit.ly/1sRTQVN

    Rayhan Demytrie of the BBC reports from Abkhazia on the World Cup for unrecognized states.: http://bbc.in/1XjcAdo

    EurasiaNet discusses the role of the Georgian Orthodox Church in Georgian society.: http://bit.ly/1TYWIst

    Also for EurasiaNet, Giorgi Lomsadze covers Khadija Ismayilova’s return home from prison in Azerbaijan.: http://bit.ly/1U1ejBb

    Shaun Walker for The Guardian interviews Misha on his activities in Odessa.: http://bit.ly/1WiGde5

    Take a listen to this Georgian choir performing a six-voice polyphonic version of the Radiohead song “Everything in its Right Place.”: http://bit.ly/1U95ow0

    The CRRC looks at public trust for NGOs in Georgia.: http://bit.ly/1XUxr5m

    Chai Khana has an expose on the cult of virginity and hymen reconstruction surgery in the South Caucasus.: http://bit.ly/22BvH1D

    Tornike Zurabashvili writes in The Clarion about the killing of Giga Otkhozoria at the Abkhazia border.: http://bit.ly/22qOgFO

    Fusion.net covers the resignation of Katrina Elaine Jorgensen, who stepped down from her post in the Young Republican National Federation in protest of Donald Trump’s likely nomination as the GOP’s presidential candidate.: http://fus.in/1TYXqpv

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