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One thought on “TBLPOD7jan2015

  1. The MEME this week is photos of Batumi looking lovely covered in snow. Link: bit.ly/1Z8HmBQ

    A video of the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Tbilisi. Link: on.fb.me/1SCS1EY

    Erica Marat for Foreign Policy’s Democracy Lab explains the problems with Ukraine’s police reform, and draws parallels with Georgia. Link: atfp.co/1MWaMff

    Three former Ambassadors to Georgia advocate that Georgia with Prime Minister Kvirikashvili is ‘poised’ to ‘reinvigorate its democracy;’ it just needs the support from the US and the West. Link: bit.ly/1S6M9EK

    Heath Druzin for Stars and Stripes magazine reports on Georgia’s troop contribution to the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Link: 1.usa.gov/1OdLSd5

    Rooms Hotel Tbilisi is featured in the New York Times. Link: nyti.ms/1Rw3ANs

    The Guardian’s 2016 guide for where-to-go on holiday includes Georgia. Link: bit.ly/1P4UAtQ

    Open Democracy writes on the unlikely home some Syrian refugees have found in Abkhazia. Link: bit.ly/1PIbnG7

    A new commercial video on youtube which is an aerial ode to Tbilisi. Link: bit.ly/1RmhqDH

    A Goodbye to Georgia from Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden walk for National Geographic. Link: bit.ly/1O3XEWK

    More photos of Batumi in snow. Link: bit.ly/1Z8HwZY

    There is a crowd-funding campaign to help rebuild the ‘Books in Batumi’ store which was heavily damaged by snow. Link: bit.ly/1S1DFP8

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