Getsadze and Ebanoidze appointed in Ukraine, Identoba threatened, Estonian PM says EU visa free in the bag, NDI Armenia closes, NATO talks in Brussels (Va!), Margvel appoints GYLA guy, more inclusion hopes for Supreme Court chair candidates, new lower Lari level, PM disses Pres on Parl speech, Mish sounds off on Geo Daesh guys, BI guest not host on show, Panorama plows ahead illegal and permit-less, Generation v Zone, 6K old Beri Kldeebi site permit-less builders, 5 killed in Gali, Geo taken from garden by Ossetians, ProCredit sells small loans, everybody Je Suis Charlie, Chikaidze says domestic violence is bad, big parking garage planned, Krtsanisi village protest, IFC cash to bottle plant, US ticked at Putin fan conductor Gergiev and singer Netrebko, embassy in Riyadh, textile plant, gov building inventory, Cartu talks new technical Univ, Rixos hotel in Likani, Jerusalem/Sokhumi/Santa, Kabanadze in Bagram with Breedlove, Japanese & Elkana, Dunkin Donuts, litter 120 lari fine, foreign fighter law

One thought on “TBLPOD15jan2015

  1. The MEME this week is a photo from facebook by a page dedicated to the Dude the character from the Big Lebowski. The joke is some kind of movie quotes referencing both the Big Lebowski and Karate Kid and wax on wax off. But — the picture is Misha sitting at a bar with an exasperated look, it was a photo from the New York Times piece on him now being a Williamsburg hipster. Link: http://on.fb.me/1KTf61F


    Paul Rimple for Eurasianet writes on the history and revival of Georgian cinema. Link: http://bit.ly/1ystbQr

    The New York Times has a list of the 52 places you should travel to in 2015. Georgia’s there! As is Baku. List: http://nyti.ms/1CBYztd

    On that note, EliteDaily has a list of “50 unpredictable and non-cliche places to travel to in your 20s,” which includes Mestia in Svaneti. Link: http://elitedai.ly/1BM8XOw

    The Telegraph has a list of “10 extraordinary destinations you’ve probably never heard of.” Georgia’s there, luring you with “You might not have heard of Kakheti, but you’re almost guaranteed to have enjoyed its most famous invention: wine.” Link: http://bit.ly/17wt7mM

    Thrillist has a ranking of the best countries to eat and drink in Europe. Georgia’s #4, behind only Italy, France, and Spain. Link: http://bit.ly/1Ie444X

    Finally, Uncornered Market also has their list of offbeat travel destinations, including Georgia, and they don’t brag about the wine but about the people. Link: http://bit.ly/14WhJig

    Kornely Kakachia gives for Open Democracy a rundown on the political setup in Georgia after the November crisis. Link: http://bit.ly/1wUFIGc

    The CRRC blog this week looks at an autocrats dilemma: How to buy votes without actually buying them and getting in trouble. Link: http://bit.ly/1wjtcie

    Watch a video of a Georgian and Corsican choir together singing the traditional Georgian Alilo Christmas song. Link: http://bit.ly/15myfs1

    Will Cathcart for Georgian Journal analyzes the government’s “2020” vision and social-economic development strategy. Link: http://bit.ly/1ystyKy

    A Soviet era short video on Tbilisi in the 1930s. Link: http://bit.ly/1KTffCo


    A call for applications for TedxTbilisi 2015. Please nominate a speaker you think should be onstage at TEDxTbilisi this May. They’re looking for individuals with a strong connection to Georgia or the Caucasus. Link: http://bit.ly/1AOOkTs

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