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  1. The MEME this week is photos of the wheelchair protest. On the 21st of November, wheelchairs were put in the place of parking spots just next to Rustaveli metro and the McDonalds, which is usual overrun with cars. The protest action was by Tree of Life. Link: http://bit.ly/1vrbxsI


    The BBC profiles women from the South Caucasus and nightlife. Interesting piece on everyday life, gender, and freedom. Link: http://bbc.in/1y77ww1

    DFWatch reporter Mari Mikuradze visits the Council of Elders in Pankisi Gorge. Link: http://bit.ly/1vWlhN9

    The latest blogpost for ISET Economist, by Florian Biermann. He contemplates what should be Georgia’s economic strategy. Link: http://bit.ly/1Fylqbp

    Amos Chapple’s photos of a crumbling Abkhazia, for RFE/RL. Link: http://bit.ly/1xYabGN

    An obit for David Chavchavadze, who died last month aged 90. Chavchavadze was an American in a senior position in the CIA whose father was a descendant of the Georgian monarch and whose mother was a Russian princess. His Daughter Marusya has done great things for US Georgian relations. Link: http://bit.ly/1HKaxVQ

    Part 5 of the CRRC’s series on homophobia in Georgia, which provides policy recommendations for the government on how to deal with this issue. Link: http://bit.ly/128j4AX

    Paul Rimple’s latest for the Beacon, “Batumi: The Black Sea Vegas That Will Never Be.” Great piece on Georgia’s gambling industry. Access to Beacon costs 5 dollars, the money directly supports the journalist. Link: http://bit.ly/1vWlzUp

    Not quite Georgia – but here’s a nostalgic and tragic Letter from Grozny, for the Calvert Journal. Link: http://bit.ly/1Cn7e6V

    Georgian Journal has an interview with Zurab Papaskiri, a Georgian historian and professor. He was imprisoned in Abkhazia during the civil war , but released with the help of his former student, whom he taught Georgian history: Raul Khajimba. Link: http://bit.ly/1HKaCch

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