Fertilizer, UNM in Stras, more torture vids, Eliso: “media controlled by us”, WSJ on Iranians, UNM primaries, BI tells Estonians he’s bolting, Nodia scenarios, Israel, Zhorzholiani impeaches Misha, fifth Girvliani guy, Kudi guy leaves module with stuff, Procuracy out of Justice Min, Ukraine consul downgrade, more sakrebulo $, Saburtalo sak to Antalya, R2 PS apology, MFA BS on foreign students, Beeline share cash in, Svaneti robbery, Georigan psychic in Philly, more Stalin statue drama, slight cig excise boost, new Zug meals, mystery environment priorities, census soon, Beselia LGBT dust up, Higher ed law mess, Zemfira flag

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  1. It is an oft-quoted myth that Deng Xiaoping ruled China holding no more eminent position than Chairman of the China Bridge Association. He formed and chaired the new body of the Central Advisory Commission from 1982-1987 to ostensibly provide “political assistance and consultation” to the Politburo, but effectively he served as the puppetmaster of the Politburo and his commission’s authority exceeded that of the Politburo Standing Committee. He was was also Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China from 1981-1989, which meant he controlled all the guns in the country, and he willingly cooperated with Premier Li Peng’s Tiananmen crackdown on June 4 1989. Unlike his successors, he was a hardened guerrilla commander with over twenty years of bitter revolutionary combat under his belt, who knew he could command the personal loyalty of remote “cells” of military loyalists should political winds shift against him. Many of his key political allies were his revolutionary comrades of five decades’ standing, or their children (like Li Peng). Control of the military hence was enough for him to control the country. I don’t think he has any parallel amongst modern Georgian politicians.

  2. I don’t think Levon Helm was Armenian. He pronounced his name “LEEV-on,” although his family said “luh-VON.”

    • Are we splitting hairs here? His birth-name was Lavon, but folks had trouble pronouncing it, especially in Canada, that he just so he just assumed the name Levon. Another tidbit, His name and character was the inspiration of Elton John’s song “Levon”

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