Penn Charter, “legal”, Postnikov Kavkaz-2012, 3.6 million voters, BI WSJ, Tedo FT, Burjanadze no thanks, new Dumbadze BS, Otsneba signs party pact, Nakopia and Bezhuashvili run for UNM, Ajara Supreme Coucil votes 1 Oct, 11 independents, lead in Georgian fuel, Kutaisi Wizz Air, deflation, Orbi Group, Rezid, Fitch on banks, Iran visas, lots of medals, Abkhaz border

One thought on “TBLPOD9aug2012

  1. mark mullen did not mention that so called GDRI deserves to be shut down and all of it’s employes should be arrested or exiled for plagiarism, which is completly unaccaptable in democracy. joke…

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