Ukraine says no Misha until 2021 but EU green card from Dutch, Margvel’s veto to public broadcaster law overridden, new Giorgi Sanaia murder info, police tell domestic violence victim to stop harassing her ex on FB, BitFury now Chinese, PM at Munich Security Conference Kumsishvili in Baku re gas line, Tatar in town, Bibilov in Moscow, Osset journalist fired and searched, Transnistrians in Abkhazia, no votes for top Abkhaz judge, Turk abducted in Ochamchire, police operation with EU related to visa free problems, labor law amendments argument re work safety, tax breaks for small businesses, pension reform to be discussed soon, Pirveli and Iberia TV issues, Mukhtarli statement, Chabuk released on bail, German MEP visits Chabuk, Georgia more corrupt says TI CPI, Putin head candy prank, Jonas on environment policy, Dunbar on the Death of Stalin

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