Putin in Abkhazia, President Margvel says US Special Rep for Georgia, hopes for a new auditor general, TI says dismissal of Ebanoidze was unfair, Georgian soldier killed in Afghanistan, 22 year old dies of GHB drug at Gem, White Noise wants parliament to discuss drug laws, Usupashvili party puts Tengo as mayor of Tbilisi candidate, Ureki rescues, Mtatsminda fire, shuck fishing, Turkish Ozurgeti jeans factory, Goderdzi hotels, Amsterdam wine event, DC Georgian restaurant, Labor law discussion, Larsen on Constitution, Misha in WP, Dagistan Yerevan road, Junior Eurovision, Photo Festival, Mexican painter, One Cauk in Marneuli two weeks

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  1. Our former podcast writer Joe Larsen wrote an article for EurasiaNet analysing the pending constitutional reform. His assessment is that the contradictory platforms in the draft constitution reflect Otsneba’s lack of ideological center: each different plank reflects the different goals of its wide and un-unified coalition. His take is that the constitution is an attempt to preserve the left and right wings of the coalition, win elections and stay in power bought at the cost of potentially derailing Georgia’s democratic progress.
    Link: http://bit.ly/2wKMGnW

    The Washington Post published an opinion piece written by Misha himself. After praising his own political career in Georgia, he rails at Poroskenko for backstabbing him, violating international law, and being part of the very corruption problem Misha was hired to fix. Additionally, he references his feud with Ivanishvili, restating accusations that Ivansihvili fabricated the facts of his case due to his ties with Russia. He ends by vowing to continue mobilize his supporters to fight corruption in Ukraine.
    Link: http://wapo.st/2fuUhDR

    In July, the Jamestown Foundation, an old anti-Soviet international policy think tank, issued an interesting analysis on the potential road Russia is working to build between through Daghestan and Georgia to Yerevan. Periodic work on the Russian side of the road has been reported over the past couple years, although no deal has been finalised. On balance, the author is cautious about the road, suggesting that the increased trade might not be worth the ensuring encirclement by and dependency on Russia.
    Link: http://bit.ly/2wuNBti

    This week’s MEME: http://bit.ly/2uqhBoN

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