Pence in Tbilisi, Mishas passport, Abkhaz say Georgians can be Abkhaz, South Ossetia purges Georgianess from curriculum, Putin to Abkhazia in August, Otsneba just behind None of the Above in polls, Aleko wants to ditch CT Park, BoG keeps Transport funds, Anaklia goes with US operator, fire at Rustavi 2, slap on wrist for illegal logging in Kakheti, Ajara dig finds artifacts, Enguri tourism planned, Bordeaux museum features Georgia, China wine import grows, Anna Dolidze Kobakhidze snarkathon, Concrete and Kitch, Cocktails and Dog tails

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  1. The New York Times put out a piece nailing the contradictions and instabilities between Pence’s pro-NATO statements in Georgia and Trump’s record of pro-Russia statements. It argues that some unity in statements has to be achieved if other countries are to believe the US at all.
    Link: http://nyti.ms/2wa8HwT

    The Misha citizenship drama has sparked several analytical articles, though most focus on the current state of Ukraine rather than Georgia. One of the best summary and analysis articles comes from Foreign Policy. For a good profile piece of Misha in New York, check out the 2014 feature in from the New York Times which covered his previously period of US exile.
    Foreign Policy Link: http://atfp.co/2v433ie
    New York Times Link: http://nyti.ms/2uZb6w4

    Georgia Today posted an interview with the new German Ambassador to Georgia, Heike Peitsch about bilateral relations. Among other things, she spoke about promoting German language education in Georgia and continuing to fund Georgia’s economic development
    and EU aspirations.
    Link: https://bitly.com/

    Soviet Tourism blog ConcreteAndKitsch published a comprehensive guide on brutalist architecture in Tbilisi, complete with lots of photos. The guide includes snippets of history about the chosen buildings.
    Link: http://bit.ly/2un8sfM

    CRRC Poll Results: http://bit.ly/2hnes79

    This week’s Meme: http://bit.ly/2v1JcOs

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