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    Tom de Waal commends the Tagliavini report, which came from the EU’s fact-finding mission into the August 2008 war. Link: http://ceip.org/1h9X6oF

    For Politico’s EU channel, de Waal revisits the frozen Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which has been ‘hot’ over the past weeks. Link: http://politi.co/1R5waCX

    The BBC in Odessa talks to some business people who are excited about reforming the culture of corruption in Odessa, underway because of Misha. Link: http://bbc.in/1LfLV6E

    Marianna Grigoryan for the Guardian explains some repressive Soviet era laws in Armenia that sees people forcibly sent off and locked up in psychiatric clinics. Link: http://bit.ly/1K5LBFH

    A visit to the Cross Riders motorcycle bar in central Tbilisi in Roads & Kingdoms. Link: http://bit.ly/1Gfg9tB

    Paul Rimple has a cheeky misadventure trying to get a good story from Abkhazia, also in Roads & Kingdoms. Link: http://bit.ly/1VUNtgL

    For Culinary Backstreets, Paul Rimple continues eating around Sololaki and dines at Ezo, which serves organic Georgian food. Link: http://bit.ly/1PjMFhk

    Liz Fuller’s reports for RFE/RL on the UNM’s campaign to oust the Georgian Dream. Link: http://bit.ly/1LmMMCI

    For the CRRC, Zaur Shiriyev looks at Azerbaijani think tanks, trying to understand why they aren’t contributing to public policy discourse there. Link: http://bit.ly/1LPCTg7

    The trailer for the film The Village. Link: http://bit.ly/1Rd9T6j

    The Georgian National Tourism Administration has a new video campaign, ‘Winter in Georgia.’ Link: http://bit.ly/1GfgnAX

    Anne Applebaum reviews a new book by historian Steven Kotkin called ‘Stalin.” Link: http://theatln.tc/1JCwCFw

    An interview with Free Democrat’s leader Irakli Alasania from the Salzburg Global Seminar. Link: http://bit.ly/1X75ZQe

    The blurb on the Ali and Nino statue in Batumi in ‘A Plus’ magazine. Link: http://bit.ly/1G2VCZy

    On the Georgian Prime Minister at the UN General Assembly, on the 28th of September, he also made a statement on “Interactive Dialogue 4: Protecting our planet and combating climate change.” Link: http://bit.ly/1KcY9Lt

    The video of the speech can be watched in the webcast archive. Link: http://bit.ly/1ZI0Wbh

  2. Your discerning listeners might be interested in knowing that the novel Nino’s Song is about to be published. ‘Nino’s Song’ is the long awaited novel by Leah Cobham which explores, through different narrative voices and stories, The Republic of Georgia’s relationship with indigenous, immigrant and foreign women both in its past and present. ‘A unique and original voice’ – Ben Hatch, BBC Radio 4 Book of the Year.

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