Gldani Prison Videos, Bacho Akhalaia out, Tughushi, Tamazishvili, Zodelava, Adeishvili, Chirkba miffed at Geneva, EUMM, Gali, David Ignatius & Tedo Japaridze on hack, Vano DC PR, Bagrati Cathedral, Bishop breaks camera, Nato disaster prep, Abkhaz church, $ TV ads, miners fired, textbook screw up, new Smart Supermarket opens on Rustaveli, GDP, TI Int Press Workspace for Elections.

9 thoughts on “TBLPOD20sept2012

  1. I would just like to point out that the problem I mentioned before still persists: old podcasts somehow disappear once a new one is uploaded. This means that yesterday’s very interesting conversation with Thomas de Waal and Rob Parsons is already unavailable. Hope you can fix that! (& keep up the good work!)

  2. When is Mr. Dunbar back?? I demand his immediate return! Can he not perhaps join you via Skype, etc.?? He made this podcast alive! God bless

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