Otsneba proves copout Khorava report, Parliament ditches Kutaisi, Banfield 50, NGOs want Supreme Court Chief Justice worked out, FinMin report on corrupt contract, more Omega audio, Palitra accused, Kutaisi UNM sakrebulo assault, pre candidates final, Kobakhidze knickers in twist, everybody talks weed policy, Rustavi2 told no to ads, North American Bishop comments and church involvement in politics, Meravishvili case in Strasbourg, Pankisoba train wreck, PM in US, GUAM now GUM parl assembly rises from the dead, CoE MP junket mayonnaise statement, wheat truck pause, Canadian libertarians Georgia struck, PM op ed for Hill, Alan Riley on Chinese curse, OC media on pensioners, Post Pravda on drug charge rights, Lumley show, ice hockey.

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  1. The MEME this week is not extremely contemporary, but depicts a man (labeled “Giorgi VIII”) sleeping on a subway while holding a pizza box (labeled “United Georgia”), from which all of the pizza slices have slid onto the floor (labeled “Imereti, Qartli, Samcxe-Javaxeti, and Kaxeti”). Link: https://bit.ly/2N2CYVD

    **Prime Minister Bakhtadze wrote an op-ed for The Hill saying that the “US-Georgia relationship more important than ever.” Link: https://bit.ly/2xkYKhu

    **Dr. Alan Riley, a fellow at the Institute for Statecraft in London, and at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC wrote an article for Estonian foreign affairs magazine Diplomaatia titled “Beware of Chinese Gifts: A Warning for Central and Eastern Europe,” about the dangers posed to countries in the region by Chinese programs like the Belt and Road Initiative. Link: https://bit.ly/2xCRLSc

    **OC Media wrote about the lives of Georgia’s pensioners, relying on people’s goodwill to survive. Link: https://bit.ly/2Q7opCn

    **Post Pravda wrote about “What Happens If You’re Busted With Drugs in Georgia?” Link: https://bit.ly/2OjhTLe

    **New UK TV show “Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure,” in which Lumley travels from Venice to China, filmed its second episode crossing from the Black Sea to the Caspian through Georgia and Azerbaijan. Episode Link: https://bit.ly/2MZkTrH

    **Tbilisi’s Sololaki made it onto TimeOut Magazine’s list of the world’s 50 coolest neighborhoods, for its combination of interesting sights and its “air of mystery.” Link: https://bit.ly/2OEnQzw

    **Eurasianet wrote about “How one Georgian family built a national ice hockey league.” . Link: https://bit.ly/2xXqaL0

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