Dunbar! R2! Still EU visas! Vano gets Euros, flood BD, 3.5 mil voters says CEC, NATO chickenpox, homophobia referendum, PM in Berlin, Geneva talks, Russian abduction, BI painting and Ganmukhuri hotel, Ilia pulls church out of Cyprus powwow, Sokhumi mayor criticizes Russia, NB cuts to 7, FDI up, Delta Saudi deal, Kazakhs forgive debt, Urumqi, German biz, K St deal, Armo McDs, Aspindza bribes, 214 kg coke, Batumi death, Satekhia food sickness, Tskhneti cliff falls on road, kinder-protest, Three Sisters Chekov, Lordkipanidze, wrestlers beat US for bronze, Beselia bill on not employing UNM, Brutalist BOG

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  1. The MEME this week is a photo of the Bank of Georgia headquarters in Tbilisi. The 1970s-era building was recently included in This Brutal World, a survey of brutalist architecture around the world by London-based designer Peter Chadwick.
    Link: http://bit.ly/1US9xF2


    National Geographic includes Georgia in its list of countries that deserve more travelers. Link: http://bit.ly/1W2R2QS

    The CRRC blog looks at public trust in social and political institutions. Spoiler: The numbers don’t look good.
    Link: http://bit.ly/1Ywm8k3

    Michael Cecire writes in Intellinews about the EU’s decision not to waive visa requirements for Georgia.
    Link: http://bit.ly/1tzLIcP

    Londa Beria writes in Chai Khana about Tkem-lovana, a Georgian village with only three inhabitants.
    Link: http://bit.ly/1XYUi1s

    New Eastern Europe previews Georgia’s position ahead of the NATO Warsaw Summit.
    Link: http://bit.ly/1ZVpU5m

    Giorgi Lomsadze writes in EurasiaNet about the one-year anniversary of the Tbilisi floods.
    Link: http://bit.ly/266Wvc2

    The European Court of Human Rights publishes the written judgement on the Merabishvili case.
    Link: http://bit.ly/1YwkUFv

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