Pankisi Daesh guy arrested, Daesh videos, tighter borders, Somalis in a truck, Burchaladze party, Kremlin leak Misha Adeishvili transcript (they say), Tiniko travels, Interior min meets Ilham, Latvia FM visit, Neighborhood EU Hahn visit, Brink back, Spesh Rep Abashidze Karasin meet, Patrioti update, ABL kidnapping, Giorgoba, San Marino visit, LSE Healthcare listing, Chiatura mine injuries, new hotels, Azeri electricity transit, against violence against women, skateboard movie, weight lifting, Physics GREs, Gaprindashvili chess win, two new MPs, excise increase, Jupiter, foreign owned ag land

One thought on “TBLPOD26nov2015

  1. The MEME this week is a picture by a facebook page called ‘Godlike Georgian Memes’ where they illustrate how Georgians say Georgia was very important in medieval times. Link: http://on.fb.me/1SnwfTm

    A Georgian publishing house released a video of Hitler walking around Rustaveli. Link: http://on.fb.me/1SlSd9d

    An interview with Richard Miles, who was the US Ambassador to Georgia from 2002-2005 during the Rose Revolution. Link: http://bit.ly/1OjDNr8

    Heather Yundt of IWPR explores the phenomenon of Georgia’s shrinking population. Link: http://bit.ly/1IdGo4M

    Tedo Japaridze writes in the National Interest that the 2016 parliamentary elections will determine if Georgia is a consolidated democracy. Link: http://bit.ly/1HZig5y

    Quartz has a photoessay on the women transforming Ukraine’s police force, featuring Eka Zguladze. Link: http://bit.ly/1I0ApuC

    The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project with Studio Monitori report on the dangers of using natural gas in cars, which is widely used in Georgia. Link: http://bit.ly/1MHlZDU

    The BBC picked up on the bad marketing IPhone+ commercial in Georgia that mimicked a jihadi video. Link: http://bbc.in/1PeicSa

    Conan O’Brien has a series of videos on his site from his trip to Armenia earlier this fall with his assistant. Link: http://bit.ly/1LCSeAf

    CNN travelling through the old Silk Route to Armenia and Georgia to learn about what is claimed to be the birthplace of wine. Link: http://cnn.it/1LzawT1

    Culinary Backstreets has a new series called Tbilisi Sketches. For the first edition, Andrew North illustrates making traditional Tone bread. Link: http://bit.ly/1PRydxt

    Paul Salopek documents his Out of Eden walk in National Geographic; he visits the Sakdrisi gold mine in the town of Kazreti. Link: http://bit.ly/1QKorgE

    On the work of Father Petre Kharischirashvili and Catholicism in Georgia, on Vatican Radio. Link: http://bit.ly/1LCSfnH

    Georgia Today looks at one activist who painted and cheered up some Zugdidi dumpsters. Link: http://bit.ly/1Yx3QOk

    The trailer for the film When the Earth Seems to be Light. Link: http://bit.ly/1kWd1JZ

    For the CRRC, the think tank World Experience for Georgia says that energy issues in electoral campaigns should be evidence-based, not generalized statements. Link: http://bit.ly/1SnwiOU

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