RIP Bendukidze, Beruchashvili now FM, Garibashvili Alasania spar, BI interview gems, Otsneba lobbying in DC, Pankisi fight, tranny killed, new Vano Misha charges, al Shishani killed? Margvel to Parl re EW, Narmania starts plating seeds. EBRD Dariali dam, angry priests, Abkhaz water to Sokhumi,

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  1. The MEME this week is a photo going around facebook of a page from a Georgian children’s book. It shows a drawing of a Georgian man washing a strange looking boy. The text reads: “once a lord bought a black boy. He thought he was black because he was dirty and never bathed. He washed him all day long, but couldn’t remove the black from his skin. The moral of the story is: what nature gives you, no one can take from you.” Link: http://on.fb.me/114k34E


    An interview with the now late Kakha Bendukidze for Bloomberg, on the reforms needed in Ukraine. Link: http://bv.ms/1qHevDY

    Al Jazeera has a short video report from Pankisi Gorge; worth the three minutes to keep you up-to-date on Islam in the valley. Link: http://bit.ly/1vb6BJE

    Liz Fuller’s blog Caucasus Report for RFE/RL has a clear summary and analysis of BI’s hour and a half long interview. Link: http://bit.ly/1EleNXg

    A blogpost in the ISET Economist on the economic advantages Armenia brings to Georgia. Link: http://bit.ly/1qHeDU1

    A good roundup by Giorgi Lomsadze for Eurasianet on BI’s TV interview and questions of who is running Georgia. Link: http://bit.ly/1ECu6Ls

    Professor Cory Welt writes for Foreign Policy magazine on the troubles in Tbilisi. Really good explainer on last week’s political crisis. Link: http://atfp.co/10y3UEe

    National Geographic Channel Drugs Inc will have an episode on krokodil users and dealers in Georgia. The full episode comes out on the 19th of November but here is a teaser video. Link: http://on.natgeo.com/1ECubik

    The latest CRRC blogpost on homophobia in Georgia. Who is more homophobic, men or women? Also interesting survey data on who people don’t want as their neighbours. Link: http://bit.ly/1zTc0Xu

    A photo feature on the Sufi women of Pankisi Gorge, published in the Caucasus Equality News Network. Link: http://bit.ly/14l1FGY

    The OSGF released a survey of former prisoners, that finds that torture and violence against prisoners was widespread in Georgia between the years 2003-2012. Link: http://bit.ly/1uslgP9

    Misha gave an interview to Forbes Georgia, from Brussels. You can read it here in English. Link: http://onforb.es/1xyhaVA

    And another article about Misha, for Silk Road Reporters. Link: http://bit.ly/1EJ2Xsh

    Civil.ge has a breakdown of the amendments to the 2015 state budget. Link: http://bit.ly/1zo6s4e

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