Ugulava questioned, Vano threatened, Kakhi on new gas line, new governors, new crisis group, ex-ZZ body guard prosecuted, ZZ case will reopen, Vashadze slanders, Misha in NYC, Misha medal to Petraeus, NDI on Russia attitudes, EU programs & 27 Euros, Rasmussen thanks BI, Usupashvili annoyed with chatty MPs, Lari drops, 54 pardons from comission, Kakabadze wants miscarriage committee, Gali villages renamed, fancy Ajara car (Kakhi ticked), agenda.ge, Georgian crime ring in France and Denmark, Stalin in Georgia statue on hold, Chabua Amirejibi dies, parliament on Ukraine, AgeWatch on Georgia, Radarami on Stalin

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  1. The MEME this week is video footage from 1956 on a snowy Tbilisi day, which shows shots along Rustaveli and of a polar bear at the Tbilisi Zoo that was being posted around. Link: http://goo.gl/Op220t

    An article by Monica Ellena about Georgian Christmas trees. According to the author while the native Caucasian Fir is admired as one of the best Christmas trees in the world, Georgia is struggling to cash in. Carl Johan Larsen, one of 3,500 Christmas tree growers in Denmark and a user of Georgian seeds, describes the tree as elegantly symmetrical, dense, with emerald green branches and soft needles. However, instead of exporting fully-grown trees, the county sells seeds to growers abroad, mainly in Denmark, who plant them in local nurseries. Link: http://goo.gl/WKK3XA

    A December report by ISET about the forecasts for Georgia’s real GDP growth rates. The forecast for the 4th quarter of 2013 was revised upward from 4.5% in the previous month to 5.2%. The forecast for the first quarter of 2014 is 6.5%. Link: http://goo.gl/LVqB02

    An article by Gio Kelbakiani and Eric Livny in ISET about the price of eggs in Georgia. According to ISET data, egg prices suddenly fell in summer to about 26 tetri per egg. However, a month later prices started increasing sharply, reaching an all time high of more than 32 tetri in October. As it turns out, it was a result of the government’s trade policy measures. Under Misha, the Georgian egg market was protected from imports by non-tariff measures. In summer the government came forward with a set of regulations establishing stricter rules for transportation, storage, import, and transit of eggs. The new measures affected both importers and domestic producers and prices increased almost by 25% in a span of only three months. Link: http://goo.gl/rl6fqQ

    Radarami launched a new Global Giving project titled “Challenging Positive Attitudes Toward Stalin”, just in time for the holidays. In 2014, Radarami will publish Timothy Snyder’s fantastic Bloodlands: “Europe between Hitler and Stalin” in Georgian to address an unresolved aspect of Georgian history, attitudes toward Stalin. To donate in dollors or british pounds visit: Eng.Radarami.org and click on the donate button. This book is great not just because it talks about Stalin and Hitler and how they learned from each other but in the method of data driven intensive primary source history that it uses which comes up with surprising conclusions about what happened in the early twentyth century in East and Central Europe. An example for aspiring Georgian historians.

    On the 20th of December, the Women’s Fund in Georgia and GeoAIR will have a charity exhibition-sale. Funds collected during the event will fund professional education and employ women with disabilities. The address is Expo Georgia, 3rd pavilion, #118 Tsereteli ave. Artwork can be seen and bought online at UnlimitedAbilities.Wordpress.com.

    Till the 30th of December Tbilisi Conservatory welcomes you to the 26th International Festival “New Year Music Celebrations”. Concerts start at: 7 PM, tickets are available at the box office, open daily from 11AM to 6PM. Tickets cost between 5 and 20 lari. For additional info visit: Conservatoire.Edu.ge.

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