1% Law, In Riga BI says EU Pronto, CEC chair Zhvania, Salome still out, US State big guy meets Patriarch, 1st Channel director fired (again), RR boss Bakhtadze PM rumor, French choppers, Adeishvili with Orban, Kvitashvili leads Bakradze’s bid, crime rate up and half amnestied prisoners back in jail. ex MP arrested for drugs, Kutaisi mayor to spend time wit family, Russian diplomat shot in Sokhumi, UNM small change, City wastes Climate 1/2 mill Euro, customs point at Kazbegi, Kartveli Air Show, Kakheti Stalin statues, Misha up Kazbegi, archeology find in Old Tblisi, vetoes, Culture min takes back building permission, foreigners & ag land wrangles, Koba on cohabitation, Georgia happiness, Megrelian mummy, Marathon.

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  1. The Meme this week comes from Samegrelo via the Huffington Post: Joni Bakaradze died at age 22 and his family opted not to inter his body and instead to preserve his body as a mummy for the last 18 years. His mother, Tsiuri Kvaratskhelia stated that the decision was made so that her son’s child could “see what kind of father he had.” Link: http://goo.gl/gdZXEb

    An article by Giorgi Tsutskiridze on ISET’s blog titled: “Chiatura and the Resource Curse.” Link: http://goo.gl/UpPosU

    TI Georgia’s blog post about Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti municipalities that issued more than half a million lari in bonuses in just six months. Link: http://goo.gl/1ZCSH7

    An article in the Economist titled “Bidzina is not the messiah.” Link: http://goo.gl/sC3VLS

  2. Mark! you say every week that various things will be posted on the forum. This is the forum, right? I never seem to find the things you mention so what am I missing? Am I just looking at the wrong time, i.e. too soon?

    (BTW yay, you! for keeping TBLPOD going during your absence, your efforts are much appreciated).

  3. Who killed Ilia Chavchavadze is pretty well established: Gigla Berbichashvili escaped at the time, but enjoyed Bolshevik protection until 1942, when Chavchavadze was officially approved again, and he was shot for the crime (as an alleged Tsarist agent); the organizer, Dimitiri Jashi, was caught and imprisoned (Chavchavadze’s widow pleaded not to have him hanged), but was shot later by the NKVD and his family was refused rehabilitation in 1950s.
    Why is not quite so certain: Berbichashvili, Jashi were closely connected with Bolsheviks under Orjonikidze and Stalin, but may possibly (as other Bolsheviks did) have collaborated with Tsarist police to remove a liberal, detested both by all extremist, right and left. Some of the Chavchavadze servants, with a grudge against their master, seem to have been involved, too.

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