Aslan’s back, Bakradze’s UNM’s guy, Margvel: “no one on one debate”, new IDP count, Georgian’s abroad must register for elections, DCFTA in the bag, no parliament bomb (thanks Omar), more Stalin statue drama, veto overrides, Kvirikashvili in deputy PM job, Sanikidze new Ed Min down sizes Dato Zurabishvili, BI’s money, Bedukadze drama, Imedi on virginity certificates, Gegenava destroys plants on his ill gotten plot, prison protests, Zestaponi demos over corrupt archbishop, Iranian arrest, Rice advice?, Hill Hill to rep UK, 140mil US for ed from MCC, WB 60mil, truck regulation, Tbilisi Sakrebulo changes, city hall admissions, Pres may be in Orbeliani Palace on Atoneli, floods, Ukraine flights, new trains to Batumi, parliament, EU confidence number, Lexo’s finger.

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  1. If you’re interested in applying for the EU Alumni Georgia coordinator position, send an email to EUalumniGeorgia@gmail.com with the subject line “EAAG – Coordinator”, a one page resume, and a 100 word note in English on why you are qualified.

    The think tank GRASS has launched their new data collection/ presentation mechanism called FactCheck.ge, which will check quantitative data relating to the economy. Link: http://www.FactCheck.ge

    MEME of the Week:
    Jobs.ge founder Lexo Khubulava giving anti-LGBT religious zealot and amateur photographer Giorgi Gabedava the finger at a women’s rights rally. Link: http://goo.gl/AoDQk3

    A paper by Lado Papava titled “On the Vector of Economic Development of Post-Communist Georgia” which discusses issues pertaining to the direction of development of Georgia’s economy after the country’s independence. Link: http://goo.gl/2PPUfs

    A paper by Christian Timm called “Economic Regulation and State Interventions. Georgia’s Move from Neoliberalism to State Managed Capitalism” Link: http://goo.gl/CESpTs

    An article in the Economist titled “Is Georgia Really Committed to European Values” which comments on traditionalism in Georgia, the role of the Georgian Orthodox church, the arrests of UNM officials, and the lack of police protection for minority rights. Link: http://goo.gl/ti4zp6

    And the Muteli Dialogues by Tara Isabela Burton in the New Statesman. Link: http://goo.gl/ZGejFS

  2. Mark, stop spreading wrong info! 🙂 Aslam Abashidze who recently arrived in Batumi is not the previous leader of Ajara but a different Aslan Abashidze who has been away in the US for many years!

    I blame stupid Georgian media who deliberately reported this news making it look like it was the “real” Aslam who had returned.

    Having said that, after Ilia II’s recent meeting with him in Moscow it probably won’t be long until the “real” one is back too..

  3. You’re right Bateno Khahapuri. I bet that deep voiced laughing dude would have been able to correct MM on that boner.

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