7 Georgian ISAF dead, BI takes Univ, muslims not allowed to pray, Kremlin says Georgia should change law, BI wants to hold onto compromats, Russian cash for recognition in Pacific, Judges election, Misha says no Tedo in UK, Batumi Mayor resigns, IDP houses, Dreamers miffed at Post, Kazakh’s back in gas, BI and Pablo, employment numbers, Russian language, Ed Min icon cards, Kutaisi trader tussles, anti-NATO rally in Batumi, Anti-Putin protesters arrested, BI re-designates off shore sites, traffic fines lowered, rent marshutkas, environment funds, Geo wine in Russia in two weeks, free Soviet posters, UN & NATO ambassadors

3 thoughts on “TBLPOD13june2013

  1. The list of new “approved” offshore jurisdictions is interesting, particularly Solomon Islands.

    My old battalion, 5/6 Battalion Royal Victoria Regiment, has been stationed in the Solomons since 2007 as part of RAMSI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regional_Assistance_Mission_to_Solomon_Islands). The Solomons spent much of the 1990’s without a functioning central government, endured a low-intensity civil war, and is still a rather unstable country. Despite being populated with outstandingly cheerful, bright and endearing people, it is still a long way off from being a reputable offshore banking centre.

    I am also not sure why Singapore, one of the better run offshore jurisdictions (with extensive co-operation with the US and UK over terrorist money trails) is now so unloved…..

  2. Whatever one thinks of the university law, it was not appropriate for the American Embassy to comment on it. It is inappropraite for a foreign embassy to interfere in this matter, even if the government is probably wrong on this issue. I for one am getting tired of the arrogant attitude of the American Ambassador .

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