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2 thoughts on “TBLPOD30may2013

  1. CDM’s ideal of foreign investment of GEL1 million per half-hectare is a huge investment; modern climate controlled greenhouses with full computerised automation might exceed this threshold, but as little as 20 hectares of such facility would satisfy 100% of Georgia’s winter vegetable requirement. What to do with the other 600,000 Ha of Georgian arable land left fallow due to a lack of domestic capital?

    Food security is a legimate concern here as Georgia imports most of its wheat, milk and meat, and is susceptible both to Russian military blockade of trade routes and currency devaluation affecting its ability to feed its citizens. Given that foreign-owned broadacre graingrowing farms and piggeries are achieving yields 2-4 times the national average, having more foreign farmers here enhances Georgia’s national security rather than diminishing it. Eventually enough local farmers will look over the fence and start copying the modern techniques used commercially to lift yields amongst the wider farming community. This technique was used to good effect two centuries ago when German settlers introduced steel farm implements to farmers throughout the Russian empire, who were still using Neolithic tools made of wood.

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